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Kristina Knight: Rust City Featured Author

Welcome to your introduction to some of the fantastic authors who will be joining us in a few short days eeeeee!! for the conference. Today I'm showcasing 
Kristina Knight

Hi Kristina, can you give us a bit of an introduction?

Hey, everyone! I'm Kristina Knight, and I write contemporary romance. Right now I'm in the middle of releasing my Billionaire Cowboys Trilogy (What the Bachelor Gets, What the Heiress Wants and What the Gambler Risks). The books feature three brothers, raised on a ranch outside Las Vegas, three feisty heroines...and (natch!) Las Vegas!

Ooo, cowboys AND Vegas? that's kind of new, isn't it?  Neat! Ok, Kristina, let's talk about RustCity!

1. Fill in the blank: "I used to be really good at Spanish , but these days I'm pretty rusty."  Oui, moi aussi!  no, wait a minute...

2. Eminem or Aretha? Explain.

oooh...I'm going to go with Aretha, because any time her songs come on the radio I find myself singing along. I do like *some* of Eminem's music, but I have to be in the right mood for it.

3. Choose One:
I'm confused. And not from around here.

Excellent choice!

4. What are you looking forward to most at the RustCity conference? Meeting readers! This will be my first reader conference, and I'm really excited to chat and be silly and talk books! Me too! it's going to be so much fun!

5. What is an off-the-cuff association you have with Michigan, Detroit, or Troy? That it's filled with cars and car manufacturers.  Seems about right...

6. Your latest work of fiction features a wealthy industrialist and an R&B singer. What's the first sentence? She always knew this city would be the death of her career.

What's it about? It's about a wealthy industrialist who buys a Las Vegas resort, and fills it with aging pop stars. And, of course, one of those pop stars has a secret, and he's going to fall for her!  That is a really neat concept!  I'm curious what you mean by "aging," lol -- like they break 25  30?

7. And finally, would you like to participate in the Alpha Heroes Five Words Fiction Game?

Yes please!

Fantastic!  You agreed to write the ending for Curve and Hook, which is no mean feat!  The world-building rules are: set in contemporary times, with no magic or paranormal elements. Have fun! Your challenge words are:  

Passion, Sweater, Ants, Watermelon, Scared

Part One, by Shelly Bell
Part Two, by Josie Kerr
Part Three, by MK Schiller
Part Four, by Rue Allyn
Part Five, by Vanessa Knight

Part Six, by Elizabeth Harmon
Part 7 by Lita Lawson  

Part 8 by Marianne Wieland
Part 9 by Teri Anne Stanley

Part 10, by Robin Nadler

Part 11:
His fingers gently circled her wrist, turning it so that she could see the letters there. He traced the L, O, and V.

"What does it mean?" he asked, the timbre of his voice making her insides clench.

"What does it matter?" What mattered was that his lies were the ants covering the watermelon at the picnic, destroying everything between them from that moment eating cheeseburgers to that night in her bed. She didn't want to be scared of her feelings for this man, but how could she be anything but? She pulled her arm, but Hunter's grip tightened.

"It matters to me."

"Everyone knows tattoos don't mean anything except that at some point, the wearer of the tattoo got blitzed enough to leave her inhibitions behind and mark the occasion."

Hunter released her wrist. "For anyone but you, maybe."

She shifted uncomfortably, and then picked up her sweater from the sofa. She'd been stone cold sober, not that he needed to know that. "What does that mean?" she asked, trying to turn his words around on him.

"It means that you take responsibility for your actions. You always have." He took the hem of his shirt in his hands and pulled it over his head. Tattooed numbers on the inside of his left bicep caught her attention. Maddie couldn't resist reaching out and turning his arm so that she could see it more clearly.

Her breath caught, and her heart squeezed.

*April 1, 2010.*

April Fool's Day. The day she'd finally let go of her inhibitions, and let Hunter into her life. Into her bedroom. The day that branded her a fool for life because while he'd wanted sex, she'd wanted love.

"What does this mean?" she asked, her voice barely a whisper.

"Everything," he said. He took her wrist in his hand, his thumb caressing the letters once more. "It's the day I stopped caring what anyone else thought about me. It's the day I grew up. And it's the day I lost the most important person in my life."

"Hunter, don't-" Maddie shook her head. She should walk away. Maddie knew she should turn around and walk away. She'd gotten over Hunter once before. She wasn't sure she could get over him again. Then again, she knew she couldn't just walk away. "Look closer," she said, holding up her arm.

He traced his fingertip over the bold, black lines, and then his gaze shot to hers when he felt another outline. Hunter looked more carefully at her wrist, and she knew he was finally seeing the whole tattoo. The bold, black LOV, along with the white, cursive line of the E. "April 1, 2010. Those are the letters and numbers that make up the E." She took a breath. This was where she might very well lose him before she ever caught him. She pointed to each letter as she she said, "Longing. One of a Kind. Vulnerable. Everything."

He twined their fingers together. "Everything?"

She nodded. "Everything for me started on April first."

"Then I guess it's good we're starting the rest of everything today, too." He pressed his forehead to hers. "Happy April Fool's Day, Maddie."

"Happy rest of our lives, Hunter," she said.

*wild applause*  Sometimes the simplest is the best. Only I think I need to change the title now to "Fools In Love" -- What do we think?? Thanks so much for playing, Kristina!  If you're craving more about Kristina, here are some resources for you:

Once upon a time, Kristina Knight spent her days running from car crash to fire to meetings with local police--no, she wasn't a troublemaker, she was a journalist. Her career took her all over the United States, writing about everything from a serial killer's capture to the National Finals Rodeo. Along the way, she found her very own Knight in Shining Cowboy Boots and an abiding love for romance novels. And just like the characters from her favorite books, she's living her own happily ever after. Kristina writes sassy contemporary romance novels; her books have appeared on Kindle Best Seller Lists. She loves hearing from readers, so drop her a line!

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Goodreads | Google+ | Amazon Author Page

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