Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tuesday Terrine - Worst post title ever?

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In the Soup Terrine This Week
Mixing it up a little!

In the... Layers? 
❃ OK, so I like alliteration, so sue me. I can't believe it's been so long since I did a regular Soup post!  June has been just non-stop and unfortunately the blog has come in last, and a lot of reading time has gone by the wayside too, so I didn't have that much to report on. In other news, there are some really revolting photos online if you search for "terrine". That one up there is made of JelloTM. Isn't it pretty? I am using the photo under Flickr's Creative Commons license, links in the caption.  Coming up, I have a pretty busy schedule of posts for the upcoming Rust City Book Conference, so I wanted to get something in early this week.

❃ Rust City! it's getting epic in here.  I got a larget wave of later-joining participants than I expected for the Five Words Games, so I'm going to start running several posts per week. I'm chucking #ConThu out the window until August. Look for up to four Rust City posts per week, Wednesday through Saturday, and then once we hit August it will likely be daily.  I want to reserve Sunday for my Soup posts and possibly some Tuesday review posts... we shall see.

❃ I generally do not get political on this blog, but I have a distinct point of view. I believe in basic human rights for all humans, including people of color, all religions, and all sexual and gender identities. I believe that basic human rights include access to affordable health care, and governance of one's own body, including reproductive choices. I believe in the separation of church and state. I believe that the time has long past for some sensible gun control measures. I believe that science is better than myth, and knowledge is better than ignorance, and that anti-intellectualism hurts everything about our country. And I believe that a vote for Donald Trump is a vote for fascism, racism, and pretty much every ugly human urge. Jeffe Kennedy wrote some good words about speaking up, here.  So this is me, speaking up.

Badass Librarians - fantastic must-read article about heroes who saved thousands of ancient manuscripts in Timbuktu. Hat Tip to the Seattle Public Library @SPLBuzz Twitter feed.

❃ Obligatory BookRiot link -- dang, I love this site. 2016 Best Books So Far.

Best Tweet:

❃ Vox has a great article on Chuck Tingle vs. the Sad (and/or Sick) Puppies. If you haven't been following the last couple of Hugo Award controversies, this will bring you up to speed as well as explain how hilarious satirical gay erotica writer Chuck Tingle fits into the whole picture. If you haven't heard of Chuck Tingle before, you're missing out. The piece he produced in honor of being nominated is evocatively titled Pounded In the Butt by Chuck Tingle's Hugo - and for 99 cents, I bought a copy just because I love what this man is doing so much.

What I've Been Reading
I've got a pretty good list, but I'm going to catch you up next Sunday.  Hope you enjoy the links!

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