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Reading Until Dawn: Featured Author Holley Trent


As a Featured Blogger (ahem) for the Reading Until Dawn conference, it is my pleasure and my sacred responsibility to showcase the delightful authors that will be hanging out and playing embarrassing SUPER FUN AND AWESOME games with us in October.  We're not doing panels.  We're not doing pitches. We're seriously not doing serious. We WILL be doing games.

If you've read Alpha Heroes for very long, you know I'm not too into author interviews. I'm not very good at them, to be honest. So just pretend this is a game instead of an interview.  I gave my authors a Mad LibsTM style questionnaire, and here are the results!  (note: truthiness is optional... these are fiction writers after all!)


With us today is Holley Trent, author of sassy, sexy, contemporary and paranormal romances. I think it's safe to say that Ms. Trent just might be a little bit sassy herownself.  Welcome Holley! Care to introduce yourself?

Hi Nicola! I'm a Carolina girl who currently lives on the Colorado Front Range with a husband, two kids, and two cats. I write hot snarky stuff in the contemporary and paranormal subgenres. I can turn a dirty joke into a 250-page book. I'm not sure my mother is proud of this, but my editors seem to tolerate it just fine.

I have to confess that I haven't read your work yet but with that kind of description, it just went to the top of my list. Snarky, sexy, contemporary AND paranormal?

OK, without further ado, let's put Holley to the test:

1. No one ever beats me at the game of: Hide the Thing. (What I'm NOT so good at is Find the Thing...that I accidentally hid...from myself.) I can totally relate to that, unfortunately. 

2. When I was a kid, and they were picking teams for sportball, I was usually:
a) picked right away
b) not picked right away
c) one of the captains
d) other:

This is an unfair question. What sort of sportball? Groundball? Airball? Bounceball? Foosball? I'm barely over five feet tall and have bad wrists. My prowess would be greater the closer to the earth I am and in games that have very large targets. 
I see you have an engineering approach to questions, where the answer is always, "it depends."

Later in life, I found myself__looking for a mate over six feet tall__and I think it was all because of how the sportball teams were picked.

3. The most embarrassing/hilarious game I ever participated in was _ Romance Mad Libs at a writer's retreat a couple of years ago_. Everyone was laughing at pretty much everything because, well, we were drunk off cheap wine and high altitude. Everything sounds dirty when the person who's saying it is sloshed and giggling. Sounds like my kind of game!

4. In an alternate universe, I am George R. R. Martin, only my fabulously successful 700-page epic book is titled "Game of Homes" It is about: the cutthroat Colorado real estate market and how two rival realtors play dirty (in and out of the bed) to make deals. ... I should actually write that. 700 pages would need, what, 15 sex scenes? Give me three months. I'll come up with something that'll make you clutch your pearls (and Mardi Gras beads) for sure.]. Sounds amazing! Throw in a vampire and you have a deal.

5. Once, my e-rom author friend thought we should take a cue from Ricardo Montalbán in Fantasy Island and create a shared "host" character for a group of novellas in which people's [kinky] dreams come true, and I could only respond, GAME. ON

Then what happened? we laughed, and laughed, because it was so ridiculous, but a few months later, the Den of Sin series was launched. Four seasons in, and there are around 25 dirty little stories in it. Learn more about it at Wow, that's great!


The 5-words game rules:

The lovely Katee Robert challenges you to use the following 5 words in a piece of flash fiction, as long or short as you wish. Don't overthink it :-)

Then, give 5 words for the next victim, er, interviewee to use.  They will have the option to build on your piece or do a stand-alone.

Your words are:  discombobulated, wolf, willy nilly, fierce, scarlet

Alright, I went with Candy's story!
(see Part 1 from Selena Laurence, and Part 2, from Chelsea O'Neal)

Candy's loins may have been awake, but obviously her tongue wasn't. She might have been a natural blonde under that hundred-dollar scarlet dye job, but her brain worked just fine. Either putting on that ring had made her a little bit stupid or she'd been temporarily discombobulated by Mr. Tall, Dark, and Criminal.

"Um. Excuse me?" She writhed, trying to free herself of his grip, and slammed her heels hard against his ribs. 

No dice. If it weren't for his low, fierce growl, she would have thought he was completely unbothered.

She'd just have to try harder to get his attention. She wasn't the kind of girl who got carried off willy nilly into caves by big hulking strangers who smelled like the promise of good sex and breakfast the morning after.

"I'll have you know my fiancé tracks my phone through GPS. You're leading him right to this place."

No response.

Just as well. Jace wouldn't have figured out how to track her phone even if the instructions were printed in little words on the back of a cereal box, and he'd bought the dang thing.

The farther the stranger descended into the cave-like sanctuary, the less light there was. Only his startling, wolf-like eyes were easily visible. She patted his face, found his nose, and gave it a hard, twisting yank.


"Oh, so now you talk."

He reached a landing on the long staircase and, tossing her over one broad shoulder, pulled a heavy, old-fashioned door shut, and latched it. "We can talk plenty now. Let's see if we can get that ring off you first, though. We might have a little problem if you told him yes.".

OMG bring me ice.

If you'd like to check out more of Holley's work, check out her website and consider signing up for her newsletters - she has one for contemps and one for paranormals.


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