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Reading Until Dawn: Featured Author: Katee Robert


As a Featured Blogger (ahem) for the Reading Until Dawn conference, it is my pleasure and my sacred responsibility to showcase the delightful authors that will be hanging out and playing embarrassing SUPER FUN AND AWESOME games with us in October.  We're not doing panels.  We're not doing pitches. We're seriously not doing serious. We WILL be doing games.

If you've read Alpha Heroes for very long, you know I'm not too into author interviews. I'm not very good at them, to be honest. So just pretend this is a game instead of an interview.  I gave my authors a Mad LibsTM style questionnaire, and here are the results!  (note: truthiness is optional... these are fiction writers after all!)


With us today is  Katee Robert, NYT and USA TODAY bestselling author of contemporary erotic fiction, or as she calls it, "seduction with a hint of mischief."  That's pretty irresistible, no? and I gotta tell you, she hits all the right buttons IYKWIMAITYD.  Wink.

Thanks so much for having me! I'm so geeked about attending RUDCON. I love the smaller settings where I get to hang out with readers. Add in the bonus awesomeness of some of my favorite authors being there (sorry in advance for geeking out), and I'm all about it!

OK, without further ado, let's put Katee to the test:

1. No one ever beats me at the game of:  3 to 13.  hmmm. I don't actually know that game. Perhaps a challenge is in order at RUDCon... *twirls mustache* 

2. When I was a kid, and they were picking teams for sportball, I was usually:
a) picked right away
b) not picked right away
c) one of the captains

(Totally B. To say I was not athletic is a...vast understatement. Combine that with being super shy and I was often last picked)
Later in life, I found myself __becoming more and more competitive,__ and I think it was all because of how the sportball teams were picked.

3. The most embarrassing/hilarious game I ever participated in was _ a card game called Mow_.  Everyone was laughing at the fact that game can bring friends to blows inside of an hour _

4. In an alternate universe, I am George R. R. Martin, only my fabulously successful 700-page epic book is titled "Game of Scones"  It is about: a team of bakers traveling across the realm on a quest for the perfect scone recipe. Tomfoolery abounds. Mmmmm scones.  BBIAB, I'm having a moment here.

5. Once, my now-husband suggested that we could do some serious damage at a beer pong tournament  and I could only respond, GAME. ON.  

Then what happened? It was a complete and total failure on my part. I was so excited to play, I forgot that I have no hand-eye coordination and a serious lack of depth perception. IDK, sounds like it might've been pretty fun!


The 5-words game rules:

The lovely Roselynn Cannes challenges you to use the following 5 words in a piece of flash fiction, as long or short as you wish. Don't overthink it :-)

Then, give 5 words for the next victim, er, interviewee to use.  They will have the option to build on your piece or do a stand-alone.

Your words are:  tintinnabulation, inadvertently, willow, contradiction, cathedral

Okay, I'm continuing Roselynn's twisted fairy tale. Here goes:

Belle had to get home and she had to get home now. She pushed to her feet, her muscles shaking as if she'd run long and hard last night. For all she knew, that was exactly what she'd inadvertently done, chasing down some poor prey who hadn't stood a chance. She moved out of the alley, but froze when she heard tintinnabulation. That could only mean one thing...
They knew.
She walked as quickly as she could without actually running, heading for the willow that grew next to the massive cathedral in the center of town. It was such a strange contradiction of old world and new that normally she, like most other people in her small town, avoided it. Today, it might just be her salvation.

You know, I started this whole flash fiction thing just for fun but now I neeeeeeeeed to know how some of these things end!  I'm suffering, here!

If you'd like to check out more of Katee's work, you can find her on Amazon or your favorite ebook vendor.


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