Friday, April 13, 2012

Fan Girl Moment with J. R. Ward

RT Con Anyone?
So, I'm here.  I don't think I posted that I was going but I have mentioned it on the Alpha Heroes Facebook page.

Overall, I'm having a good time.  It's been pretty intense, with about 12 events going on in any of the 4 main timeslots, and of course I have usually been wanting to go to 3 at a time on average.  Most of the daytime events in the various tracks did not have lines to get in.  If they did, the lines formed about 10 minutes before the event started.  However...

With Jessica Anderson and J. R. Ward, was the name of the event on the program.   I went to get in line 30 minutes before this one, and it was already stretched out far enough that I thought I wasn't going to get in.

Magically though, the event coordinators got everyone to fit and I wasn't even in the back-most row.  I had a seat and everything.  See that picture?  I was RIGHT THERE! 

The session was by far the most dynamic and fun reader session I went to.  Ward appears to travel with an entourage; she had a bodyguard, several very efficient handlers, a microphone when many of the other speakers did not, and she is frankly just an amazing speaker.  She enjoys the audience as much as we enjoyed her, or at least gives a damn good imitation of it.

Swear Jar
Who knew that JR Ward is as potty-mouthed in real life as any of her macho vampires?  She makes a pretty sincere effort to keep her forums "PG-13" rated, but in a roomful of adults it was indeed, no holds barred.  So she put a dollar in a swear jar every time she let one fly and I'm pretty sure there was about $40 at the end of an hour.  Hilarious!

A Few Tidbits
I'm sure most of these have been put up on the web already, but here's what I heard:

Q: Is there a connection between Michael (from Story of Son) and Murhder*?
JR: Keeeeeeeeeeeep Reading!

Q: What's the deal about the wolven and the dog biscuits and maybe Murhder*?
JR: wide-eyed innocently:  I don't know WHAT you're talking about!

Q: Is it fair to say that there is a blood connection between two characters with ice-white eyes with dark blue rims?
JR: looks down.  I believe my ass is in a crack right now. puts a dollar in the swear jar, pauses for assorted wisecracks, and attempts to skirt the question. OK, fine.  It would not be INCORRECT to say that ice white eyes with dark blue rims are from a limited genetic pool. 

Q: We haven't seen much of Butch and V lately--
JR: interrupts They've been seeing plenty of each other!
Q: -- will we ever see any of that on the page?
JR: No.. [paraphrased]... I will give hints about it and talk about it verbally, but it won't be on the page... because too many people would hate it.  sotto voce Butch is getting it regularly.

Q: Will the Band of Bastards ever join the BDB?
A: shocked One of them just shot Wrath in the motherfucking chest!  NO they're not going to be united on ANYTHING any time soon!!  pays the swearjar.  But, 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend', so they could be aligned against the lessers at some point.  Down the road.

Last BDB tidbit:  Ward says that one of the very best visions she's had is of Layla turning her and Qhinn's newborn child over to Blay in the birthing room, because she really wants to see Blay as a father.  Initially her wording implied Layla would be giving up the baby, but as Ward went on it sounded possible that they would do some co-parenting. 

Last last tidbit: you might check the #peegate hashtag on Twitter.  Pretty funny stuff.
*I sure hope I put the H in the right place there


KT Grant said...

Thanks for the info! Ah yes, Twitter went into a tizzy of Ward's peegate.

Mandi said...

Thanks for this!!!!!!!

Bells said...

If there's one thing that I love it's JR Ward info! Thanks for doing a post on this. I had only heard of the last item on Twitter!

amyt865 said...

Thanks so much for posting this! Love any info about the brothers!

Nicola O. said...

You are welcome! It was a SUCH a fun talk. JRW was just on fire, she seemed totally excited to be speaking with us and having a great time.

Kat said...

Anyone else got the feeling she just doesn't know what she's doing anymore?

orannia said...

Thank you Nicola! Must get on and read Lover Reborn at some point :) I'm so slow :)

Nicola O. said...

Kat, I don't know about that. I think that she has just changed her mind about some things, which puts her in a bit of a difficult position because she's always so definitive about how she sees things. She doesn't leave herself much wiggle room to change her mind later. Like saying -- years ago, at this point-- that Qhinn ends up with a female.

Orannia, I hate feeling pressured! Read it when the spirit moves you, you're not being graded. :-)

J. B. Kantt said...

Great answer to a fun question this week!
And thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm a new follower! :D

J.B. :)


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