Thursday, October 1, 2020

Thursday Thirteen, Edition 38

 So, 2020, amirite? fffffff*ck.

Anyway, it's Thursday and I've been pondering what a winter quarantine is going to look like and thinking back over the last few months, and thought I would put down some Thoughts. I've learned a few new things, and others I already knew and I'm doubling down.

Thirteen Things I've Learned from Quarantine

1. Everyone thinks they are being VERY careful. Even though there's a huge range of how people have adapted to the pandemic. Everyone is sure they are being just careful enough, and everyone else is either crazy over the top or crazy irresponsible. But if you're at a public, indoor location without a mask, be aware that I am judging the FUCK out of you.

2. Bras are not as necessary as I always thought.

3. I'm working full time, 100% remote, and without the judgment of co-workers, I am perfectly happy to wear the same 3 pairs of pants pretty much indefinitely.

4. I never liked getting take-out. If I'm going to leave the house and pay restaurant prices, I want to eat there.  I have learned that I am right about this. Take-out might be better than cooking, but it's a distant second to dining out. I really miss restaurant dining. #doubledown

5. You can get used to on-line meetings.  I may never love them, but they are a reasonable second-choice to in-person.

6. I have tested the limits of inactivity and have found that yes, even I crave some minimum amount of physical activity.

7. If I'm going to be on camera, I should put on some lipstick. Mom was right.

8. But not if I'm going somewhere, because masks+lipstick are not good.

9. Contemporary romcoms pair best with the apocalypse, for me anyway. I have re-named the genre "pre-apocalyptic fantasy."

10. I don't actually need to go to Target every week.

11. The pleasure of an old-fashioned phone call.  I'm still stupidly reluctant to take a call or to "dial" someone up.  But after an awkward minute or two, it all just flows and I wonder why I'm being so weird about it.

12. You know how so many people are taking up cooking and breadmaking? I still don't enjoy cooking. #doubledown

13. Putting away laundry the same day it comes out of the dryer.  Now that I'm home all the time, there's no reason not to-- yeah no, just kidding, I still don't do that.


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