Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lifecycle of a Blog

Today is the fifth anniversary of Alpha Heroes' inaugural post.  Five years!  Whoa.  If a year in a dog's life is like seven in human years, what is a blog-year like?

I think it was somewhere on Facebook that I shared the thought that this blog may be entering menopause: my posting is a lot slower than it used to be; it's erratic, subject to brief flashes of genius, random delusions of normality, and long sullen silences. 

But also, I have some benefit of experience.  I know what I'm interested in doing, and what I'm not going to bother with. I have some surprising contacts after doing this for so long and done some cool stuff, like go to RT, participate in Avon Addicts, and host pop-culture academics for Q&A.  Like that one aunt that you only see at Thanksgiving, I talk sometimes even when no one is listening.  And often, I ignore the stuff that everyone else is talking about, either because I'm not interested or I have nothing of particular interest to say. (Or I might be napping.  I'm not drooling, am I?)  I'm not as concerned with appearances-- haven't changed my template in I think, three years now, but that's because it's classy and timeless like Katherine Hepburn *pets template* yes you are

I'm pretty sure I've started to repeat myself, which is one reason I blog less - it's harder to come up with new stuff to say.  In the interest of embracing that though, please have a look at my new "Best Of" tab up top, especially if you're new-ish to Alpha Heroes.  Or if you're a loyal fan and would like to relive the good times, like the montage show at the end of a season.

So if there's an AARP for blogs, I'm pretty sure I'm eligible.  But both my grandmother and her mother lived to the century mark, so if genetics are anything to go by, I'll be doddering around here for quite some time.


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