Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jacqueline Carey Tidbit

So, while I was at the RT con last week, I overheard a name that my brain just went *POUNCE* for: Jacqueline Carey.  I have no idea who said it or even where I was when I heard it.  (Maybe in one of the many lines?  Maybe in the bar?).  It was literally one of those things that seems to float through the ether with no discernible source:

"She's working on something new.  She's done with Kushiel.  I hear it's much lighter and more playful."

WOW.  What a freaking tease, right?  I am subscribed to Carey's FaceBook page, where there's a lot going on, and I checked her website, but there were no hints.

So I decided to right to the source, and I was delighted to hear back the same day via email:

It's good to know people are talking! :) I do have a new project coming out this fall -- it's an urban fantasy series called Agent of Hel, and the first volume is "Dark Currents." I'll post the description below. I'm calling it a blend of wonder, whimsy and creepiness!

Dark Currents is set in a small Midwestern resort town where paranormal tourism is a booming business. Daisy Johanssen, an incubus’ daughter raised by a loving single mom, is the liaison between the eldritch community and mundane authorities. Most of the time that doesn’t entail anything more challenging than retrieving stolen goods from a puckish pickpocket or tracking down a tourist led astray by a will-o’-the-wisp, but when a young man drowns in an apparent accident that’s not what it seems, Daisy’s job turns deadly earnest.

I love the sound of that!  Dark Currents is available for pre-order at Amazon, but at this point, we apparently know more than they do, since there is no description there.

Ms. Carey, thanks so much for the scoop!

ps, I really enjoyed the sequel to Santa Olivia, called Saints Astray, released last November. I mean, how do you not love a book with werewolves, rock stars, a Vegas kidnapping, diplomatic immunity, and, well, a small revolution?  Plus, Charlie's Angels cover.  Excellent!

Photo credit:  I stole the author picture from Ciara, without permission (!), because it's an event that I was at and I'm impatient.  :-)  Ciara, if you are not happy with that I'm happy to take it down and use a stock photo.


Hilcia said...

Oh, thanks for the scoop, Nicola. And you read Saints Astray? I still have that book in my TBB list! I loved Santa Olivia, but didn't even get to the sequel yet! Thanks for reminding me to do so. :)

Nicola O. said...

I did read Saints Astray and really liked it. It was much less gritty than SO, though definitely had some dark elements. The outside world was much... brighter, I guess, than I expected it to be.

mercedes said...

Oh, I am excited! I had heard about Dark Currents, but this is certainly the most comprehensive summary I have found yet!

I will miss Terre D'Ange, but I know that Jacqueline Carey has so many more stories to tell, so I don't really begrudge her the departure -- especially if it results in something as great as Santa Olivia or The Sundering duology.

(I have to admit, I wasn't crazy about Saints Astray. I didn't hate it, but I think a lot of it came off a little TOO perky for my tastes).

Pam (@iwriteinbooks) said...

Oh wow! She's a new name for me but I can definitely feel your buzz and enthusiasm so for that, I'm like vicariously excited! :O)


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