Thursday, January 9, 2020

Thursday Thirteen - 2020 style!

I am happy to report that the Thursday Thirteen Linkup is still alive and kicking! Let me start 2020 out on a roll with two posts in less than a week! Woo hoo!

January is all about lists.  Last weekend, I gave you my list of the best of 2019.  Here is a Thursday 13 rundown of other 2019 retrospectives in the #RomBkBlog world:

  1. Under The Covers
  2. Miss Bates Reads Romance
  3. Kini's list at Smexy Books
  4. Angela's list at Smexy Books
  5. Lots of SFF in the mix at Reading Reality
  6. Wendy The Super Librarian
  7. Ellie Reads Fiction
  8. Shallow Reader (don't believe the blog name!)
  9. Book Binge
  10. Ana's list at Love In Panels
  11. I Heart Romance
  12. Kaetrin's list at Dear Author
  13. And just to round things out, here is the GoodReads list for Romance.
I'm definitely seeing a few titles on repeat throughout these lists that I'll need to check out.  Also, how could I have missed Sapphire Flames on my own list?  Jeeze.

I hope you enjoyed this list! I recommend you head on over to this week's Thursday Thirteen linkup and check out a few participants.  This is not a book-focused meme (except here at Alpha Heroes!) so who knows what tidbits you'll pick up to brighten your week!


Colleen Looseleaf said...

Lots of enthusiasm here!

CountryDew said...

Welcome to our version of Thursday 13. Thanks for the book list - I shall have to look a few of them up. Hope you keep playing!


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