Thursday, February 11, 2010

Inspired Analysis - Boneshaker Vs. Brady Bunch

I just might be cut out for this academic literary stuff after all. I was deeply inspired by Carolyn Crane's post today; inspired, and yes, readers, suspicious. Her attempt at mythbusting smacks a bit of protestething too much, don't you think? I was particularly skeptical at the Brady Bunch denial.

Now, I've really just gotten started on the League's February Challenge hosted at Literary Escapism, so I certainly can't speak to 99% of the Leaguer's books, but I have to say that while Boneshaker may not be outright derivative, it certainly shares some Jungian archetypes and literary conventions with the Brady Bunch Goes To Hawaii. It's just undeniable, and the more you look for the commonalities, the more you find. I made some rough notes of my own observations.

Draw your own conclusions.

League of Reluctant Adults Mini Challenge

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Chris said...


Carolyn Crane said...

ROFLOL. This is SO funny! Oh, the indignity of the Hawaiian shirt for the wise man! And the moist settings, the anachronistic lighting. LOL. Also, I love the touch of the scary extras. In WHAT way are they akin??? That you found three of them? LOL.

Actually, this is a cool way to get to know the plot of a book I've so been meaning to read!!

Nicola O. said...

Ooof, I need to fix the resolution on those images.

But Carolyn, do I really have to spell out the parallels between spiders and zombies for you?

1. Zombie bites and tarantula bites both cause your flesh to necrotize and fall off in gory chunks*.

2. Both are mindless eating machines.

3. Both are too messy to kill by stepping on them. Brains and chitin everywhere.

4. When featured in the title of a movie, you can assume the movie with either completely suck or be entertaining in an ironic campy way, and be correct about 95% of the time.

Gotta do some work (pesky, that), but I'll be back later to delve into the Jungian symbology of the ocean/Greg's near drowning vis a vis the airships and pirates of Boneshaker.

*May be slightly exaggerated for effect. Alternatively, may not be true at all. Strictly speaking.


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