Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Third Winner - And More Entry Chances!

The Third Winner of the Santa Olivia Giveaway is:


Yay, Leslie! Shoot me your mailing address at nicola327 at hotmail dot com!

(and Mishel? still haven't heard from you....)


So, last night I was hanging with Erin, who's a friend, a fellow blogger, and one of my first "followers," who told me that one of her favorite features here is the Romance Vagabond Cliche Score . I haven't done one in a while, but you can find a couple at these reviews:

Sealed with a Promise
Seduction of an Unknown Lady

Which leads me to.... the next way to get extra chances in the drawing for the last two copies of Santa Olivia:

  • Follow the link above to the Romance Vagabonds Challenge.
  • Choose a favorite book from your recently-read pile.
  • Score it according to the RVC scorecard.
  • For one extra entry, either write a post on your own blog or add a comment here with your book's score. Be sure to let us know what book it is!
  • GET A SECOND extra entry if you find a book that scores more than 6!


Chris said...

Hmm - I'm reading Rachel Gibson's book Daisy's Back in Town.
2 points
Title points: 0
Plot points: Secret Baby, Reunited Lovers
Cover points: 0
Hmm. I'm sure I can do better than that. *rummages*

Capture My Heart by Bobbi Smith. (3, maybe 4 points)
Title points: 0
Plot points: Kidnapping. Really, there should be a plot point for pirates, too. I wonder if I can stretch "Hero from wrong side of the tracks" to include pirates?
Cover points: Mantitty, blowing hair

Y'know, we really need to work on a paranormal version of this system.

Carolyn Crane said...

Wow! Great scorecard game. I just read a HINT OF WICKED which got:
title: 1 pt

friends to lovers
reunited lovers
Kidnapping (Becky!)
Military man

Cut off head.

A whopping NINE points for Hint of wicked!!

Venus Vaughn said...

Okay, I picked Morning Glory by LaVyrle Spencer which is an old book, but a recent re-read.

Title points = 0
Cover Art = 0 My copy had old lady flowers, yes, morning glories, all over it.
Plot Points = 9 Jackpot baby!
Friends to Lovers. Check. One of the sweetest yearnings I've ever read.

Secret Baby. Check. He finds out she's pregnant in front of the entire town and she's all "I wanted to surprise you."

Small Town. Check. The tiniest.

Plain Jane Makeover. Check.

Rags to Riches. Check. Not astronomical riches, but dirt poor to healthy working farm with money in the bank and indoor plumbing and electricity riches.

Hero / Heroine from the wrong side of the tracks. Check. The commonality of being outsiders is what allows them to see through each others' masks from the beginning.

Criminal? Check. Why yes he is. And does his time and redeems himself too.

Military Man. Check. WWII starts up and he does his duty by joining the Marines.

Marriage of Convenience. Check. The book starts with her advertising for a husband. She needs someone to work her land, he needs a job and to be accepted.

Morning Glory by LaVyrle Spencer. Romance crack.

Nicola O. said...

So! Awesome!

Chris, great minds think alike. Here's a bit of my comment to the Vagabonds when i first discovered the challenge back in February:

You might need a separate list for urban fantasy/paranormal romance, which should include things like tattoos, a woman in a hipshot pose, full moon, etc. And it seems that burly biceps may be the new mantitty.


Chris said...

Great minds indeed! :)

Heh - when I do my little book updates (now with pictures!), I get outcry if I haven't read a book with an ab fab cover.


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