Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen, Edition 4

Since beginning this little anthology adventure, I’ve polished off 8.5 collections, totaling more than 50 short stories and novellas, in contemporary, historical, and paranormal genres (though admittedly heavy on the paranormal). I have a few more on my shelf which I may or may not get to before the end of the month – we’ll have to see what the holidays do to my reading schedule. At this point, I’ve got enough of a selection under my belt to offer up 13 of the best so far. In no particular order, because that’s way too hard:

Top Thirteen Short Pieces (so far):

1. "Story of Son," JR Ward, from Dead After Dark
2. "Party Planner," Meg Cabot, my only pick from the 21 stories in Girls Night In.
3. "Hunter Kiss," Marjorie M. Liu, Wild Thing
4. "A Dozen Kisses," Mia Ryan and
5. "Thirty Six Valentines," Julia Quinn, from The Further Observations of Lady Whistledown.
6. "Music Hath Charms," Tanya Huff and
7. "To Die For," Keri Arthur and
8. "Dirty Magic," Kim Harrison, from Hotter than Hell
9. "Falling for Anthony," Meljean Brook, from Hot Spell
10. "Paradise," Meljean Brook, Wild Thing
11. "Mad Dog Love," Angela Knight, from Shifter
12. "Sea Crossing," Virgina Kantra, from Shifter
13. "A Holiday Gamble," Jane Feather, from Snowy Night with a Stranger

With honorable mentions to Shiloh Walker’s "Blood Kiss" (Hot Spell) and an entertainingly silly short called "(Like a Virgin) of the Spring" by Susan Sizemore and Denise Little (Hotter than Hell), because they made me smile with references to Romeo and Juliet, and Camelot, respectively.
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Anonymous said...

Nice list!

Brieanna_Robertson said...

Good choices!

Mia Celeste said...

Thanks for the recommendations. I'm always looking for new stories to read.

JenB said...

Okay, it's official. I am the *only* person in the whole wide world that thought The Story of Son was awful. I hated it! What's wrong with me? lol

Nicola O. said...

What did you hate about it Jen?

Sometime I think you just like to be contrary, LOL.

JenB said...

I don't like to be. It just happens. :P

I just didn't think Story of Son was typical Ward. The hero wasn't a sexy alpha to me...he was more like quasimodo. I just don't think it's sexy to have to teach a man everything about sex, life, and relationships. So basically it just wasn't my kind of story. It reminded me very much of a 90's horror romance.


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