Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday Thirteen, Edition 2

Thirteen reasons to read an anthology this month:

1. Novella is the perfect length to read after the turkey is put away and before you pass out from the tryptophane.

2. Lots of cute holiday-themed books to get you in the spirit.

3. Too busy shopping, decorating, cooking and wrapping to read a full-length book

4. Need to sample some new authors to prep for Jackie’s 50 New Authors challenge in 2009.

5. Can’t miss any of the events in Nalini’s and Meljean’s worlds.

6. Keep one stashed in the car for when you’re waiting to pick the kids or in line at Starbucks for a gingerbread latte.

7. This is a test to see if anyone noticed that I could only think of twelve.

8. Where else can you get demons and werewolves, vampires and time-travelers, minotaurs and sirens, all in one book? (Umm, a Kresley Cole novel? Hmmm, you might be – no, wait, she doesn’t do time travelers. So far.)

9. Obsessed with JR Ward.

10. You *need* more Lady Whistledown.

11. Too tired from NaNoWriMo to read a full-length book.

12. Even if you don’t like some of the stories in the anthology, you still might like others. Therefore, an anthology represents a diversification of risk on your investment of $7.99*. In today’s economy, every bit helps. (“Look Ma, no hands-- I’m usin’ my MBA!”)

13. Be one of the kewl kids playing along for Antholopalooza!

*… or in the case of The Magical Christmas Cat, $14.99. I’m still bitter about that.

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    ♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

    sounds like a great idea!

    Anonymous said...

    I may try your suggestion. I enjoy reading and often have two or three books going on at the same time plus a book on CD that I listen to driving to and from work.
    Would you consider exchanging links? Thanks
    Army Mom

    wcvamp said...

    i read Wards and Kenyons new antho and loved it, both stories are great, probably won't read the other authors stories at this time as not interested in that genere. But usually i like to read anthos with authors that i am curious about to see their writing style.

    Nicola O. said...

    Thanks for visiting, 13ers!

    Army Mom, I'm always fine with fellow 13ers leaving links in comments.

    Carolyn Crane said...

    Oh, FUN list!!!

    Shelley Munro said...

    Great list, Nicola. I can think of one more for you.

    You might discover a new "must-read" author.

    Stranger things have happened. ;-)

    Nicola O. said...

    Excellent point, Shelley! Shall I edit that in to #7? {g}


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