Thursday, April 17, 2008

Author Profile: Deborah Smith

The first line of a book is a powerful thing. It might not be the make or break point for whether a reader keeps going... but then again, it might. There are a number of reasons that I love Deborah Smith, and one of them is that she consistently writes some of the best opening lines…ever. To wit:

--I’m the fifth Hush McGillen named for the Sweet Hush apple, but I’m the only one who has thrown a rotten apple at the First Lady of these United States of America. – Sweet Hush.

--On a dark autumn night 25 years after I helped bury my great aunt Clara Hardigan, I found myself digging her up. – The Stone Flower Garden.

--Before the accident, I never had to seduce a man in the dark. --The Crossroads Café.

--When the Oklahoma City federal building blew up, Ella and I had just signed a six-month contract to perform in the piano lounge of a hotel in New York. --When Venus Fell, my personal favorite.

--Whe I was a child it seemed to me that our secluded farm lay at the end of a path to a magic land where only Powells and legends could survive. – On Bear Mountain.

Honestly. How do you NOT keep reading after one of those hooks?

If you like a little contrapuntal Flannery O’Connor bassoon line to the flutes and trumpets on romantic melody, dive into the world of Deborah Smith. Her books are a little reminiscent of the Sidney Sheldon and the Barbara Taylor Bradford* family epics of the 80s, in that they span generations and involve powerful and eccentric families. Her characters are consistently forced to choose between family loyalty and romantic love. You’ll find yourself caught up in secret tragedies, family skeletons, and more than a dash of Southern gothic horror. Her relationships take you places you don’t often see in the romance genre, and will make you question whether love really can conquer all. They tend to develop over more time than the typical romance which lends them an atypical strength.

I’m having more trouble than usual explaining why I like these books, so let me just wrap it up and say: Good Books. Excellent Writing. Leisurely, dare I say Southern, pacing. Good Characters & Relationships. Thumbs Up!

*except, well, good.


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