Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rebuttal - JR Ward

You know, I never re-read books. I often mean to, but really, I just... never do. However because 1)I am out of new books to read {sob!} 2) I am out of disposable income for the moment and 3) I am apparently a sheep {baaaa},* I am re-reading the first JR Ward, and possibly the subsequent ones as well.

I'm halfway through it, and yup, it's as good as I remember (and frankly, I thought the first one was about the weakest of the series, but I started there anyway because I'm linear like that). I am a bit struck by how forgettable the women are though. Beth? Bella? OK, whatever, tell me more about Wrath's thighs, plzkaithx.

The "verbal tics," as O'Donovan charmingly refers to Ward's colloquialisms don't bother me at all. Not a bit. Seriously, they're not even noticeable.


So anyway, not a big in-depth review or anything. I like JR Ward. Her heroes are literally and literarily and figuratively larger than life and so, so delicious. I could use a little less of the "old language," which is completely uninteresting when it's not outright annoying, and the life and times of the "lesser" (read: slayer) enemies kind of bores me. I'm always rushing through those parts to get back to the romance.

JR Ward. Yumm. Read it.


*Partially recycled from an email to O'Donovan.


Betsy O'Donovan said...

> OK, whatever, tell me more about Wrath's thighs, plzkaithx.


That is all.

Nicola O. said...


So I moved back in September. And a lot of my books are still in boxes. Most of them, actually. But I finished Dark Lover last night and needed to read #2 (Lover Eternal) and we finally got the Christmas tree the hell out of the living room, so I decided to go through a couple of the boxes and find the rest of my JR Ward stash.

Know how many boxes there were? 16. Know which one the JR Wards were in? The 16th. I found them all but one. Know which one was missing? Arggh.

Betsy O'Donovan said...

Poor baby. I'm laughing, though, because of the part where I went crazy for two weeks looking for Lover Awakened.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you, I'm reading Dark Lover for the first time. I'm about halfway through, and am deeply ambivalent about it. Love a lot about it (the extreme hotness of Wrath being the first).

But there are some major annoyances, chief among them is that I cannot stand the names of most of the vampire characters, and they take me out of the story every time. Tohrment? Zsadist? Phury? Blech. Maybe I'll get over it with time. Oh, and I have very little interest in the lessers, and far too much time is spent with them.

But I'm interested enough to keep on turnin' those pages, and I'm already planning to buy the next one, since you say this one is the weakest.


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