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Reading Until Dawn Featured Author: Candace Blackburn

WAVE 2 IS HERE... of the Reading Until Dawn Con author features here at Alpha Heroes.  

Some bloggers could probably manage to keep a very even cadence of author profiles, reliably posting on certain days of the week, consistently and regularly like a drumbeat.

So, yeah, that's not this blogger.  As you may have surmised.  Around here, we like things a little more unpredictable.  A little more spontaneous.  A little less formal.  We had a bit of a break, but there's a nice roster of fantastic authors lining up to play with us here at Alpha Heroes.  We'll be publishing these features as they come in, as various schedules allow, so keep an eye out in your feed and check in regularly!

As a Featured Blogger (ahem) for the Reading Until Dawn conference, it is my pleasure and my sacred responsibility to showcase the delightful authors that will be hanging out and playing embarrassing SUPER FUN AND AWESOME games with us in October.  We're not doing panels.  We're not doing pitches. We're seriously not doing serious. We WILL be doing games.

If you've read Alpha Heroes for very long, you know I'm not too into author interviews. I'm not very good at them, to be honest. So just pretend this is a game instead of an interview.  I gave my authors a Mad LibsTM style questionnaire, and here are the results!  (note: truthiness is optional... these are fiction writers after all!)

Please welcome Candace Blackburn, author of the seriously sexy Lycan King trilogy.  Well Candace, let's get right to it!

1. No one ever beats me at the game of _ beer pong.  Bring it!__

2. Please fill in these blanks:
"When I was a kid, and they were picking teams for sportball, I was usually:
a) picked right away
b) not picked right away
c) one of the captains

B.  Clearly, my 4'11" height intimidated everyone.  (As it should have).

Later in life, I found myself _ ruling all games, all the time, and making challengers cry,_ and I think it was all because of how the sportball teams were picked. 

3. The most embarrassing/hilarious game I ever participated in was _Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  __  Everyone was laughing at the painful placement of the tail (donkey sang soprano after that night). Ouch!

4. In an alternate universe, I am George R. R. Martin, only my fabulously successful 700-page epic book is titled "Game of _NOT KILLING JON EFFING SNOW!it is about Tyrion bitch-slapping Cersei, and Jon Snow NOT DYING. Hmmm.  I'm sensing some strong opinions here.

5. Once, Michael Fassbender suggested that we run away together, and I could only respond, GAME. ON. Then what happened? _I remembered my husband, and how he has a great set of legs, and, well, I've kind of trained him already, so I turned down Fassy.  *sad face*_ I hear he's kind of high maintenance anyway, and who needs that?


The 5-words game rules:

The lovely Seleste DeLaney challenges you to use the following 5 words in a piece of flash fiction, as long or short as you wish. Don't overthink it :-)

Then, give 5 words for the next victim, er, interviewee to use.  They will have the option to build on your piece or do a stand-alone.

Your words are: 
Silly.  Pet.  School.  Pretzel.  Mining. 
The Tale of Candy continues....
Part 1 from Selena Laurence,
Part 2 from Chelsea O'Neal
Part 3 from Holley Trent
Part 4 from Seleste DeLaney 
Unbelievable. A stranger - albeit a drop-dead gorgeous stranger - had taken her underground, and the biggest shock was his arrogance. Once she was out of this situation, Candy made a mental note to have her head examined.

"Excuse me, but I will most certainly not grace your bed. And just where did you get your information?"

His full lips curled up in a sensual smile. "Ah Pet, I had a feeling you'd be curious. I'll bet you were the head of your class in school."

His voice has probably caused millions of panties to go up in flames. She had to resist, and not be silly enough to fall for his sensuality. She looked all around the cavern, and tried to ignore the firm grip of the hands on her thighs.

"Yeah, no shit. You've got me down here in the Bat Cave and Bruce Wayne is nowhere to be found. Not to mention, you're under the false impression that we're going to get married. Now, you're either going to tell me what is going on, or find me a bag of pretzels because I'm starving."

Her captor grinned. He had dimples. This was wrong. Kidnappers should never have dimples. Standing, he reached for a ledge and grabbed a tube. Her eyes gaped as she recognized what was in his hand.

"Just happened to have a bottle of lube laying around?"

"Sure did. My future bride may have a kinky side. But we'll discuss that later. Give me your hand. That ring is going to cut off your circulation."

Reluctantly, she held out her hand. His fingers on hers felt incredible. Distracting herself, she looked down and saw what appeared to be old tracks. Biting back a moan at his touch, she inclined her head to the ground.

"Is this place an old mining shaft?"

I am so digging this story.  Vote #TeamCandy, either commenting here, or on Twitter, and see if we can influence the upcoming authors.  If you'd rather hear what's going on with #TeamBelle, let's hear from you too!

For more from Candace, check out her home page or her Amazon author page.

Thanks for playing, Candace!


Are you registered for Reading Until Dawn Con? 
If not, why not?! Join us for fun, games, snacks and possibly pants-optional dancing.  
Register here, and see you there!

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