Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bettina Krahn - "The Husband Test"

I could've sworn I had read Bettina Krahn's The Husband Test before. I know I've picked it up in the bookstore, fondled it, read the back cover... and I'm a big Krahn fan, so I have no idea how I missed it. But platitudinal mentioned it in a comment, the seed was planted, and I picked it up at the UBS last week. I figured if I had read it, it was worth a re-read.

Big thumbs up from me, but that's no surprise. The one critique I have for it is that the language is a bit more anachronistic than you might like-- but then, this is a pretty fine line for any historical novel; I mean, any reader knows you can't actually be historically accurate or you'd limit your readership to those fluent in Middle English.

Still, it's a romp, with engaging, human characters; witty dialog; and streak of tenderness a mile wide in both of the protagonists.

What are YOUR favorite re-reads? Which books do you reach for when you want the satisfaction of a known quantity?


Betsy O'Donovan said...

I still grab Judith McNaught or Jennifer Crusie when I'm rereading romance. (Bet Me never gets old.) For romantic fantasy, I usually drift back to Anne Bishop, Kelley Armstrong (Bitten was the first book I ever reviewed for a newspaper and I still wish I'd been even more glowing in my praise), and Sharon Shinn.

platitudinal said...

I'm glad you finally read this book and enjoyed it :) My other favorites are My Dark Prince by Julia Ross, The Forest Lord by Susan Krinard, Strangers at Dawn by Elizabeth Thornton, Laura Kinsale's Flower in the Storm.

Anonymous said...

McNaught for me, too. And Brockmann. And, God help me, Lindsay. She's so much worse than the other two, but I read her books voraciously when I was younger, so they're, like, nostalgic or something.

(Hi, Nicola!)


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