Saturday, January 5, 2008

Apologies in Advance

So, I’m kind of new to blogging. And I’m finding myself completely obsessed with my site statistics. In a shameless bid for more site hits, I recently joined a “swap” strictly for the purpose of finding fun blogs and getting more hits.

Believe it or not, I do have a few other interests outside of romance novels. Swap-bot is kind of a fun way to break out of comfortable habits, check out other crafters and artists, and a good excuse to spend a lot of time in craft stores (and hey, my favorite shopping center has a huge JoAnn’s, a Half-Price Books, a Barnes & Noble and a Starbucks. It feeds all of my addictions.)

Anyway, here are a few blogs you might enjoy checking out. They aren’t about romance, but they are about some seriously talented people:

Arm in Snow, Legs in Sea
Paper Kitty
Faccia Bella
Hoola Tallulah
Rogue Knits
The Adventures of Gladys Quimby
The In's and Out's of Missslady
A Fancy Glass
An Inch At A Time

Now, back to romance.


Anonymous said...

This is Rogue, owner of Rogue knits. Let me say:
Seriously though, I'm addicted to checking my blog stats as well. I think that's why I joined that swap. That and I needed ratings so I could join those "no newbie" swaps.

Nicola O. said...

It's OK, Rogue. You're among friends here. :)

Hoola Tallulah said...

Hey :) Thanks so much for the link! Your blog is so sweet, and I totally understand what you mean about checking out those stats, it's so exciting to see that people are reading my drivel, hehe.

Thanks again, I will be checking back (and will return the link favour too!)

Tallulah <3

Anonymous said...

OMG - you linked my blog! You're so awesome for that. Wee!

Oh how I adore Swapbot as well. I think there should be some sort of support group, you know, for those of us who are constantly at the site, looking for new swaps to sign up for. *lmao*

platitudinal said...

(bluhshing smile) Thank you most of all for your kind words, Nicola.

I try not to think about blog stats, it makes my tummy quiver. Hehehe.

This blog love is my first swap with swap bot. And, I used to be a closet romance book reader. Have you read Laura Kinsale's Flower in the Storm?

Nicola O. said...

Plat, Flowers from the Storm was one of first "forum referrals" I got from discussing romances online. Possibly Laura Kinsale's best book.

Anonymous said...

Hiya! Thanks for the link :) Have a wonderful day.

HKpowers said...

Hi Nicola,

Thanks for linking my blog here. I hope you have had a visit, haven't seen any comments from you so I'm not sure what you think. I hope you enjoy it and just like you (and I think every blogger) I love feedback.


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