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Sunday Soup - October 9

In The Soup This Week... Devon Monk, Aaron Michael Ritchey, Laura Lee Guhrke, Elisabeth Staab, Julie Ann Walker, Kim Harrison.

Soup Dish:  on my mind/good links
Well, it's been kind of a long time since I've posted.  I keep starting these Soup posts, and just sort of not feeling like I have much to say. My social media feeds are full of the latest political horrors and it's difficult to keep up the chipper, book-loving voice I've established here.  One more month to go before the election circus is over.  But nonetheless, I've accumulated a few links that have nothing to do with the US presidential election.

Kim Harrison reveals her newest cover and some cover art wisdom in five parts: One Two Three Four Five. Liked the read, looking forward to the book! I'm behind on the last few books of the series, but I feel like I can probably read the pre-quel without catching up.

I miss Jennifer Crusie. I wish she'd go back to writing witty contemporary romance with amazing dialog. In the meantime, here's an interview with her.

I've been thinking about running a non-conference-related Five Words game -- I'd love to hear from my readers, do you like this feature? I thought at the end I'd offer a formatted PDF for free download.

This is an ad for Ravenswood Leather. You'll like it anyway. You're welcome.

Saved and Sampled:  titles that caught my eye on social media, samples waiting on my Kindle to be, well, sampled. As you can see, I'm not doing my TBR-reduction plan any good. 

Faery Rift, by Jae Vogel
Fury, by Laurann Doehner. This was highly rec'd by a friend but I'm having trouble getting past the "evil scientists performing sadistic lab experiments" trope. These make me super-squeamish.
The Viscount's Mistress, by Claire DuLac. I like the premise, which implies the HEA might be as a mistress. I feel like that's a fairly realistic scenario for the Regency period and I'd be interested to see it play out.
Feral, by Laxmi Hariharan. Advertised for fans of Nalini Singh, so we shall see!

What I'm reading
You guys, I read a lit-fic book and I liked it! I'm dipping a toe into a book club at my office, and read Circling the Sun, by Paula McLain. I didn't realize until I read the afterwords that it is based on a real person, set in early 20th century Kenya. Basically it's the same cast of characters as Out of Africa (which I've never seen) with a different focus. It made me want to go read All The Hemingway. I did feel like it had some weaknesses as a novel, but they were structural things about the facts of the MC's life-- because real life isn't as tidy as a novel, go figure. Anyway, I liked it and would recommend it.

I'm almost done with Laura Lee Guhrke's No Mistress of Mine. It's not bad, but I'm having trouble staying engaged. For me, it has been put-down-able, but that could just be about my scattered attention span these days.

I finished Killdeer Winds, by Aaron Michael Ritchey and am way behind on a full review.  This is the second in his Juniper Wars serial, and I really enjoyed it. YA is not my usual wheelhouse, but it's nice to step outside your usual genre once in a while.

Death and Relaxation, by Devon Monk. A really fun new series kickoff set in a small coastal Oregon town, where deities of various pantheons go to check in their powers and relax like a regular Joe. Naturally, things get weird.  Really enjoyed the world-building.  Book 2 is out as well, and Amazon is calling it a "two-book series" -- so I don't know if it will go any longer than that.  Monk seems to have a bit of series ADD going on, skipping from one project to another. I like them all! I just hope these either resolve nicely or that there are more coming.

At the Stars, Elisabeth Staab. I read this one a couple months ago, after meeting and hanging out with Elisabeth at RT16 for a while. A small town, NA romance, very sweet. Enjoyed it. 

In Rides Trouble, Julie Ann Walker. Fast-paced, suspenseful, high-stakes MC/Spec-Ops romance. It's really good, but not for me. Basically, the more suspenseful a book is, the less I like it. But if that's your catnip, you'll like this one.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!

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