Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Soup - January 17

In The Soup This Week... Lilith Saintcrow, Robin D. Owens, and more stash reading

Soup Dish:  on my mind
Some good basic advice on cover design, and particularly, working with cover designers.

From Julia Quinn's Facebook feed, an app that can turn a romance novel into a multi-media, interactive experience. Sounds like a neat idea, but an awful lot of potential for it to go wrong.  Part of what I like about reading as opposed to TV is constructing the characters in my head.  Sometimes having too much specificity handed to me is a downside.

It seems pretty clear that between the stash reading goal and the non-fiction reading goal, I'm slowing down quite a bit in terms of books-per-week.  I don't think that's a bad thing, necessarily. We'll see how long I can keep it up!

Facebook promoted posts are actually starting to show me interesting things lately.  Here are a couple book promos that caught my eye.  Does anyone have any recs one way or another on them? I haven't pulled the trigger yet.

What I'm reading
My non-fiction pick for January is The Big Switch, by Nicholas Carr. Given that it's a book about technology pubbed in 2008, it's a little bit dated already, but it's a fascinating look at how "the cloud" is evolving as a utility in a similar way that power production/electricity did, tracing both paths. I'm about five chapters in.

Stash read: I finished the third book in the "Celta's HeartMates" series by Robin D. Owens. I didn't have book two, so I skipped it. This one was a borderline DNF for me-- the whole series is a "fated mates" trope, and while the author attempts to address the issue of choice, this particular hero did not seem to have gotten that memo. He even changed her name! He refused to call her by her chosen name. I just really didn't like him.

I'm going to punt on the rest of the series, so I'm counting that as 4 stash books complete.

 Dead Man Rising, Dante Valentine series #2 by Lilith Saintcrow. One of those series that I've been meaning to get to forever, and now I am! I am a little out of order here, and I think book 2 has spoilered some stuff in Book 1, but I've gone back and picked up book 1, in progress now. Urban Fantasy at its best, this is a really great world. Book 2 is a stash read, book 1 is a new purchase.

January Stash Reads: 3 read, 2 punted
January Bought Reads: 2
January Third Party Site Review Reads: 1
January Non-Fiction Reads: Book 1: 5 chapters

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