Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Soup - June 14

In The Soup This Week... new authors, camping, and other random things

Soup Dish:  on my mind
Lightweight soup tonight; spent another weekend camping with my daughter and a few girls from her Scout troop.  So pretty.  So exhausting.

In book blogging meta, I quite liked what Jess Hearts has to say about book blogging and promo here. Simply stated and spot on.

I'm hugely entertained by Natalie's "Bad Life Decision" series, with live tweets and blog posts.  Good times start here

What I'm reading
wherein I take on some new authors
After I sent out my appeal for new author recommendations, it occurred to me that I have about 3 shelves full of mostly new-to-me authors as well as 3 thumb drives from RT14.  So while I will bear in mind the list I received, I'm going to work through a little bit of what I have first.  Up this week: Bound by Brenda Rothert.  I guess I'd peg this one as NA.  The hero is a hot, adorable Mary Sue and the heroine is a giant bag of mixed signals, which I was impatient with.  The emotional push-pull was realistic for the context, and I confess to sniffling a little at the end, so it was reasonably successful-- I think NA fans might like it a lot.  I'm not an NA fan per se and I thought it was just OK.

I'm almost finishes with a Karina Bliss title which is also not grabbing me too hard. It's a rock-star-falls-for-librarian thing and despite being highly recommended, I'm just not buying these characters.  Will it redeem itself in the last 7%? Seems unlikely.  Not terrible mind you; it just hasn't hooked me.

To make up for the lightweightness of this week's soup, here is a pretty photo from the weekend camping on the Olympic Peninsula:

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