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Tuesday Soup - May 12

In the Soup Today:  #RT15 envy; old favorites and a new rave. 
Soup on a Tuesday? Whaaaaaa??? Sorry, it was a busy weekend!

Soup Dish:  on my mind
So, I'm on the "every other year" plan for RT, for a number of reasons, but I'm totally allowed to wallow in envy on my off years and stalk the Twitter feeds of those who are there this year.  Those key cards are to die for, and I heard there are JR Ward ARCs!!  Oh, the humanity!  If you attended the scrapbook session today, I'd love to see some of your pages!

On a related note, I really want everyone to stop posting to Instagram and just put the pics directly into their tweets.  Is that so wrong?  #ClickingThroughIsHARRRD #whine. 

Nalini Singh's latest installment in the Psy-Changeling series is due out on June 2, and you can read the first chapter here... the first paragraph blew me away plot-wise.  GAHHH.  I have no words.  Luckily the release is only a couple weeks away. 

If you haven't started this series, it's absolutely one you should glom onto, and hey, better late than never.  Singh holds a special place in my bloggy heart, because I received my very first ARC, Hostage To Pleasure, that I ever reviewed from a contest on her website.

But my Singh story started even before that.  I wrote a somewhat silly blog post about my "discovery" process, and it still makes me smile a little bit:

This is a love story.

This is a story of how a reader finds a writer to love. There are obstacles. There are questions and uncertainties. But as in all good romances, love triumphs, and the ending is a happily-ever-after. So, reader, settle in with a soft light, a scented candle, and whatever else gets you in the mood.

Once upon a time, there was a romance reader named… oh, let’s call her Nicola (nobody ever said I was subtle). Now, as the heroine of this love story, Nicola doesn’t quite fit the current mores and publisher’s preferences of innocence and youth. No, Nicola has been around. The dew is off the bloom, and she has multitudes of reading partners, not just a few. Frankly, Nicola is a bit of a jaded slut, reading multiple authors and books within days of each other—sometimes even the same day! Thank goodness there are no nasty LTDs (Literarily Transmitted Diseases).

A few months ago, Nicola started blogging about her conquests, dishing with other reading sluts about who gives good dialog and character, and who suffers the occasional (or chronic) plot flaccidity. Now, some people might find this unseemly, but Nicola and her readers consider it a public service.
If you'd like to read more, here you go.

I've also gotten word from the publisher that Joss Ware's post-apocalyptic romance series, The Envy Chronicles, has been re-packaged, and the final book is due out in July (I've been waiting ever so long!)  I did a series review on this one a while ago.  A little taste, in my own words, of these heroes:
Five men, restless, bored, frustratingly purposeless in our times; they're wealthy, athletic, handsome -- but rudderless and reduced to thrill-seeking. Frozen in time for 50 years, their awakening coincides with a culmination of events that lead to some shocking revelations on the depth of human greed and corruption.  The destruction of their world, and the gifts they are given, turn these dilettantes into warriors -- and that's pretty damn hot.

It's easy to lose track of new authors when there are so many old favorites to keep up with, which must be how I missed Erin Satie's first two historical romances.  I believe I have the Smart Bitch's bargain feature to thank for picking up The Orphan Pearl, and it's So. Damn. Good.  The last historical I read that I loved this much was Joanna Bourne's The Spymaster's Lady.  In fact, there are some similarities, I think, in very very good ways, but the characters are just completely different than Bourne's.  (Hmmmm. It might be fun to do a compare and contrast.)  I will hopefully get a review up on this one (how often do I say that?) but if you trust my reading recs at all, don't wait, go read it now.  Meanwhile I'll be glomming the first two by this brilliant author.

I think I'll forgo catching you up on my current reading in favor of not exceeding legal word-count limits.  If you're at RT, I'm super jealous, and hope to see you in Vegas next year....

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