Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Soup, March 29

Sunday Soup is... Girl Scout camp & lots of reading

Soup Dish:  on my mind this week
So before the cookie madness even got all the way done, I had planning underway for the annual multi-troop spring camp-out.  This year it was earlier than ever (we have a lottery for dates) and we were in an outdoor unit, so I had some extra anxiety about all the girls staying warm enough.  It went off ok, and really the best thing about campouts is that first shower afterward.  Steamy.

What I'm reading

I got caught up on Thea Harrison's next-to-last release, Night's Honor, and then read the ARC for Midnight's Kiss.  I just love that whole series. I think it's getting better and better, honestly, and I love how distinctive the heroines in particular are.  Nothing cookie-cutter about these characters.

My favorite read this week was Jeffe Kennedy's Under His Touch. Stop me if you've heard this before: powerful, wealthy businessman dom; young ingenue girl working in the building falls for him-- OK, I'm stopping you, because this one is different. She actively pursues him, and he doesn't abuse his economic power position, and actually has ethical pangs over the whole thing. Weird, amirite?  Beautiful balance of sexual tension and "payoff" (heh) scenes, which are hot, hot, hot.  Confession: I read it twice.

I also read Julie Moffett's No One Lives Twice, which I got from the RT14 Carina thumbdrive. It turned out to be a non-romance but a pretty fun mystery, and apparently the first in a series of a Girl Hacker/Spy sort of thing. Not quite what I was expecting, but overall I couldn't complain -- great twisty plot, good pacing, liked the characters.  Plenty of romantic potential -- sexy options abound for the Girl Hacker, but no HEA as of this volume.

I just finished slogging through a paranormal romance called My Familiar Stranger, by Victoria Danann. It was totally uneven with some of the klunkiest damn narrative, and I can't figure out why I liked it, but I kept on turning pages and I mostly liked it.  There was a completely unsupported twist at the end that might've made it a wallbanger, but it was literally like the last paragraphs, so whatever and WTF.

Outlander Watch... Och. I canna wait for Jamie and Claire onscreen.

Only a week left!  There are some teasers on the Starz site if you want to whet your appetite.


Anna Richland said...

Glad you liked the Jeffe Kennedy book - have you tried any of the Jane O'Reilly books? Indecent Exposure and Indecent Desires being two of my favorites. (And no billionaires in sight.)

Kaetrin said...

I cannot wait for Outlander either! My brother gave me S1 P1 on BluRay on the weekend for my birthday so I've been petting it. #Sad!

Nicola O. said...

Anna, I did pick up the first two of that trilogy, from Jackie Horne's rec over at Romance Novels for Feminists. Liked them quite a lot! I also just finished Naked by Megan Hart which reminded me really strongly of Exposure.

Kaetrin! are you going to binge watch the first 8 eps? Honestly I am not sure I want to watch all the eps, the big scene with Jamie and Black Jack is just so horrible in the book.

Kaetrin said...

@Nicola No I don't think I'll watch them again before Sunday. No time apart from anything else. The flogging episode was a bit hard to take so I won't be racing to watch that again.

I know I'll watch all of it but I expect the last couple of episodes to be brutal esp given what they did with the flogging. Curiosity will overcome any squeamishness on my part though!

Jeffe Kennedy said...

I love everything about this, but mostly that you read it twice! :-)


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