Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thirteen Things about RT13 - Edition 30

I went to the RT convention last year and, honestly, had some mixed feelings about it.  There were a number of reasons why I chose not to go this year.  But I have to say, knowing what I was missing made me feel kind of left out, like there was this big party that I could've gone to but decided not to, and then kind of regretted opting out.  Well, really, exactly like that.  So here's a roundup of a few places on the web where you can kind of live - or re-live, if you were there - RT13 in a vicarious sort of way.

13. Kiersten Hallie Krum's roundup on #Bittercon

12. Danielle with highlights from the Casablanca team

11. John Scalzi talks a little about attending a con as a gender minority.

10. Ilona Andrews sells out in 30 minutes

9. Jeaniene Frost's rundown.

8. USA Today's "Happily Ever After" column is rapidly becoming one of my favorite places to find good stuff about the genre, books, authors, and events.

7. Andrew Shaffer is a prolific Tweeter, so you may need to page back a bit, but his RT live-tweets were pretty awesome.

6. Red Hot Books blogger Jen records her favorite moments

5. Nicole Peeler has lots of neat photos with entertaining captions

4. Kristina Wright's (one my favorite erotica writers) recap

3. From the horse's mouth: RT Magazine's roundup

2. EL James makes a surprise and dramatic appearance, as reported by Smart Bitch Sarah.

1.  Romance authors and cover models doing the Harlem Shake.  No words.


Mia Celeste said...

It sounds like you had fun and learned things. :)

Pearl said...

liked your round up of last year. I didn't know there was such a large writing movement for romance and genre.
unclear programs and programming is frustrating. I know what you mean about a payoff. there has to be more energy coming out than going in a least. I'll look at your other links of this year's.

Nicola O. said...

Thanks for stopping by, ladies. Mia, I didn't actually go this year, but I did last year. I think you've boiled the essence down to 5 words: "have fun and learn things." Yes! a manifesto for RT!


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