Monday, October 11, 2010

Lazy Post

One good (?) thing about giving the blogosphere a rest for a couple of months is that there is so much fun stuff out there to re-acquaint yourself with.  (I say "you", but I mean "me.")

By way of The Cultural Gutter, I found this awesome thing tonight.  Because I'm a geek, I love flowcharts and this one is awesome.  Please go check out "The Female Character Flowchart."  Be a geek like me and zoom in so you can trace each cliched, wittily rendered path.

I have also found myself ridiculously entertained by The Oatmeal and Hypebole and a Half, neither of which are book-oriented but are written by people who a) know how to write and b) have a disturbing insight to stuff inside my brain and my life.

(I'm particularly fond of HaaH's Why I'll Never Be an Adult.  If I ever manage to Clean All The Things you can expect to see CNN covering it).

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