Monday, July 26, 2010

Once and Future Posts

The past is now....
I actually started the Tsunami Blue post below a week ago, and for some reason, Blogger likes to put the old date on it unless you actively change it. Which I usually do, but sometimes forget. So I posted it yesterday, but it's showing up with last Tuesday's date, which I think means it got lost in a lot of feeds. This post is an attempt to gently bump it to real time. Which might be a teeny bit presumptuous, so I'll also offer a smidgen of new content

...and in the FEW-CHA

Coming up next, Kelley Armstrong, Waking the Witch, with some possible color commentary about Stolen and Dime Store Magic.

I'm headed out of town on Sunday but if I can squeeze in a third post before I go it JUST MIGHT be about Melanie Rawn, who wrote one of my favorite high fantasy series ever, and is back with a contemporary urban fantasy about witches that I really enjoyed. Stay tuned.


Hilcia said...

Nicola, that happened to me a couple of times while I was using the old blogger edition and I had to play catch-up between the past and present. The new blogger edition automatically changes the date, thank goodness -- that's perfect & a relief for me.

Nicola O. said...

Huh. Do I need to do something to switch to the new edition?

Hilcia said...

Yes, just go to your Settings, Basic and all the way at the bottom, under Global Settings you'll see -- Updated Editor, Old Editor, Hide Compose... just click on Updated Editor. It gives you the option to see what this setting offers.

Note: It doesn't affect your blog in any way, and if you want to return to the Old Editor you can without a problem. So you can test it out. :)

Kaetrin said...

Hi Nicola. Nice to see you back to posting again. Have a nice holiday!

Natalie Acres said...

Hi Nicola,

Fantastic blog layout and information. Nice job!

Natalie Acres

Nicola O. said...

Thanks Kaetrin, and Natalie, what a nice compliment. Thank you very much!


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