Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday Thirteen, Edition 7


Oh, and don't forget to throw in for the Kresley Cole Giveaway -- deadline is noon tomorrow PST.

These are blogs that are either new to me, or I’ve been meaning to add to my blogroll for awhile. Check them out, I think there’s something here for everyone:

1. A Blog of Books Book Maniac writes very organized reviews for every kind of book you can think of.

2. Stumbling Over Chaos - Cats, LOLCats, knitting… and books. This is a woman who reads WHILE she knits—that’s dedication! Click on the “Reading” tag to find short, pithy reviews by the batch.

3. Lurv A La Mode Oh, everybody knows KMont, right? I’ve been to Lurv more than once but somehow never added it into my regular routine. Why? Apparently I haz teh dum, that’s why.

4. The Good, The Bad, and the Unread I kind of don't get the duck thing, but the reviews are good. Confession: I have had this blog confused with Good Books, Bad Books, and Every Book In Between. I, um, didn’t realize there were two. To continue with the dum theme.

5. The Book Girl: Lots of contemp reviews and a lovely, serene template.

6. Hey Lady, Whatcha Reading? I met Trish at BookBlogs.ning-- she’s AWESOME, and incredibly generous with tips and advice about blogging.

7. Lizzie, By The Book. From Proust to Plum. Makes me dizzy in a good way.

8. She Reads and Reads: Avisannschild does a ton of memes, interviews, and challenges – fun stuff. And I love the blog name, don’t you?

9. Moonlight to Twilight: Ms. Moonlight writes very thorough and spoilerrific reviews (she has a prominently placed warning) so go here when you want to dish about a book you’ve both read.

10. The Ginger Kid I have a confession. JenB’s blog is not new to me, but I have kept her out of my blogroll because she’s just so delightfully dirty. I know you are all shocked to hear this, but I daily on very rare occasion cruise my blogroll from work, and I could never remember to save The Ginger Kid until I got home. Click with caution (but do click).

11. For The Love of Books MariDarling is passionate about books, and finds time to read and blog on a student’s busy schedule. And her template is gorgeous.

12. Book Binge: A really popular review blog that I want to check out more often.

13. The Book Smugglers: Ditto.

The New Thursday Thirteen Site

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Chris said...

Aw, I'm honored to be on your list! And I might've subscribed to a blog from that list just now...

JenB said...

Aww, you think I'm delightfully dirty. You say the sweetest things. :D

It's not always dirty though (yesterday's post aside). Monday's post was very tame, thank you very much. :P

Nicola O. said...

Jen, with that header? Always dirty, LOL.

Chris, glad you found something!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to come back and check this out in more detail.

Mia Celeste said...

Hey, thanks for the new blog sites. Happy TT!

The Bumbles said...

What a great idea for a T13 - will be stealing this in the near future! And thank you for the book recommendation - this year I am trying to make a dent in my huge to read pile - next year I think my goal will be to branch out into genres in which I do not usually dabble. Sometimes one just needs a little nudging to discover a whole new style!

Shelley Munro said...

Some of these are already on my list. I'll definitely check out the others because I always get great recommendations from reader blogs.

avisannschild said...

Hey thanks for featuring my blog! (Though I must point out that I don't do interviews yet; I've interviewed one fellow blogger, but that's about it so far. It is something I'd like to do in the future!)

Of course the first blog I had to check out was The Ginger Kid and I see what you mean about the header! Whoo-ee!

Nicola O. said...

Eeep, avi, I'm sorry. I could've sworn.... well, I was doing a log of bloghopping last night. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Great list. I have always wanted to check out book blogs to see which books to read next!

Bridget Locke said...

LOL! So does that mean my blog isn't good? I'z confused. he-he

And I've got two blogs. Confusing all the way around. It's okay, Nicola. :D

avisannschild said...

Hey, Nicola, no problem, I just didn't want folks visiting my blog to wonder where all the interviews were (and be disappointed because there aren't any!).

Nicola O. said...

Arggh, Bridget, cut that out! You know I lubs ya.

Shelley, there are so many good blogs around.... so much time to spend....

Bumbles, happy to help! and I'm flattered that you want to steal my idea. :-)

Grace -- there sure are lots to choose from! You can also go the the BBAW button on my right sidebar -- there are a ton of book bloggers there.

sybil said...

The duck thing is a bit random isn't it ;). It is to keep people from getting us confused with other blogs that might come around later and use a name similar to ours... damn guess it didn't work huh *g*

Seriously it is just silly fun cuz TGTBTU is a mesh between a reader blog and a review blog and we are all a lil quirky in voice and style. Well and it amuses me and since it is mine they have to put up with me (if it helps, Gwen doesn't get it either and she reviews with us *g*)

Glad you found us and hope to see you around.

JenB said...

Oh yeah...I always forget about the ever-present crotch shot banner. Heh heh. Ain't it purty? :D

Anonymous said...

Oh thanks for linking me up with new to me blogs I didn't even know some of these were out there! Fun! And thanks for mentioning my blog.

Nicola O. said...

sybil, I think we can safely assume that my confusion is *my* problem, and not your branding, LOL.

JenB, oh yes, verrrrrra pretty.... mmmm..... I'm sorry, did you say something? i was distracted....

MsM, you are so very welcome!

Alice, I think I missed you up there before -- oops -- please come back any time. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great list!!


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