Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Coastal Magic 2022, Yes Please!

Hey everybody! Have you missed book cons? I have. SO MUCH!! Between COVID, and some personal stuff, and the demise of RT, it's been A REALLY LONG TIME since I've been to a book con. I had two of them scheduled for 2020, and of all the things that I didn't get to do last year, those really hurt. Even so, this year still feels a bit too soon for crowded cons. But next year? Yeah.... next year...

So I'm crossing my fingers, and making a plan to head to THE BEACH next February for COASTAL MAGIC'S TENTH ANNIVERSARY CONFERENCE. Did I mention BEACH? in FEBRUARY? And BOOKS? Yeah. Sign me up.

Literally, you can now sign up! Check out the many-splendored Featured Author listing to see the fantastic lineup. These authors span a variety of genres, and whether they’re auto-buy faves already, or “new to you” authors just waiting to become your next binge read, there’s something for just about everyone.

I haven't been to CMC before, but I'm jumping in this year -- the 10th anniversary, how cool is that? ANNND I am ridiculously pleased to have been asked to be a Featured Blogger (I hope they'll be gentle with me). So, I’ll be doing monthly author spotlights with a few of these amazing writers (my fellow Featured Bloggers will be doing some, as well, so be sure you’re following each of us, and you won’t miss any!) This is going to be a fantastic way to get to know the authors a bit BEFORE our weekend together. I just miiiiiiiiiiiiiiight be reprising my #5Words game with some fresh blood... uh, I mean, new players. Yeah, new players. We'll see if they are up for the challenge!

You can check out the website at if you want to learn a little more about the event. Things will update as new information is released between now and next February. You can also join the Facebook Authors & Attendees group if you’d like to interact with some of the authors and other readers you might see there.  

If reading challenges (either on your own or with a group) are your thing, there’s a group for that!! With a suggested schedule of reading, planned author interactions, points to earn and prizes to win, our Reading Challenge group is definitely the place to be. You can read all about how the challenge works on the website, HERE! Also hit up the website for all the usual social media suspects!


Jennifer | Coastal Magic said...

WOO HOO!! So happy to have you joining us next year! We're going to have SO much fun!! :-)

Nicola O. said...

I'm so excited about this con! I haven't been to FL since, like, before you were born, Jennifer, lol.


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