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Reading Until Dawn: Feature Author Chelsea O'Neal


As a Featured Blogger (ahem) for the Reading Until Dawn conference, it is my pleasure and my sacred responsibility to showcase the delightful authors that will be hanging out and playing embarrassing SUPER FUN AND AWESOME games with us in October.  We're not doing panels.  We're not doing pitches. We're seriously not doing serious. We WILL be doing games.

If you've read Alpha Heroes for very long, you know I'm not too into author interviews. I'm not very good at them, to be honest. So just pretend this is a game instead of an interview.  I gave my authors a Mad LibsTM style questionnaire, and here are the results!  (note: truthiness is optional... these are fiction writers after all!)


With us today is  Chelsea O'Neal, author of the paranormal fantasy Angel Crest
series.  Let's get a glimpse inside Chelsea's brain...

1. No one ever beats me at the game of:  "I think Tom Hiddleston is the hottest man ever, and he is my future husband..."  Uhhh, Chelsea? that's not a--


nothing, nothing, never mind. You totally win!

2. When I was a kid, and they were picking teams for sportball, I was usually:
a) picked right away
b) not picked right away
c) one of the captains

Later in life, I found myself __changing my hair color every other month__ and I think it was all because of how the sportball teams were picked.

3. The most embarrassing/hilarious game I ever participated in was _ding-dong ditch at the police station_.  Everyone was laughing at . _the donuts we left behind_

4. In an alternate universe, I am George R. R. Martin, only my fabulously successful 700-page epic book is titled "Game of Words."  It is about: how each character only has so many words to use and as the book come to a close, there is more charades(if you know what I mean, wink, wink) than words.... (I do! I do know what you mean!)

5. Once, my good friend, Jen and roommate suggested that we burn some of my ex husbands belongings that I somehow still had and I could only respond, GAME. ON.  

Then what happened? Well we probably shouldn't have drank quite of few bottles of wine, and shouldn't have videoed silly parts of our evening, and then we definitely shouldn't have had to call the fire department, however having a group of hotter than hot men show up to help us douse the fire was a huge plus, and of course the numbers that we shouldn't have got were great!


The 5-words game rules:

The lovely Selena Laurence challenges you to use the following 5 words in a piece of flash fiction, as long or short as you wish. Don't overthink it :-)

Then, give 5 words for the next victim, er, interviewee to use.  They will have the option to build on your piece or do a stand-alone.

Your words are:  talcum, superb, Crisco, variegated, and subterranean. (To see the beginning of this RUDC15 Alpha Heroes amazing story, see Selena's Featured Author Post from last Friday...)

Sighing again, Candy rolls her eyes, decisions were never easy to make. Ever. This life decision may even be harder with the variegated sides to it.  Sliding the ring on her finger just to see what it would look like, to see how it feels on her finger, Candy smiles.  It sure looks good, but could she really marry him? A locker slamming nearby jolts Candy out of her musings and she jerks at the ring to pull it off.  Somehow it is stuck. The superb ring that she doesn't know if she can really keep since she isn't sure if she really wants to marry Jace, is stuck on her finger. Panicking just a bit she whirls to make sure no one is too close, she can't let the word get out yet. Candy ruffles through her own locker and finally she finds a bottle of talcum powder and with a bit of a relief she pours it generously on her hand not caring a bit that it falls all over the floor around her. Dropping the bottle she jerks violently at the ring, but it is still stuck. Whimpering a little since she can't keep wearing the blasted thing and her shift starts in twenty minutes, she briefly wonders if there is some Crisco lying around somewhere. Her finger starts to throb and it seems as if the ring is getting smaller the more she tugs.  She whirls around to try cold water and comes face to chest with a very large, manly, body. 

Startled, Candy stumbles a bit and slowly lifts her eyes up the hard packed, tanned, hairy chest, even as she feels large hands on her hips steadying her. Once her eyes reach his, she is gone.  His eyes are the most fierce golden color she has ever seen and they are focused entirely on her. Keeping her still while her brain is telling her to run. Holding her breath unable to even form a coherent thought she can only stare at the stranger who seems to be taking everything in, even the smell of the powder as his nose twitches.  Then in a move so sudden and quick Candy is lifted into his strong arms and swept away.  She realizes she is being taken to a subterranean level after descending multiple stairs.  The stranger smells so wonderful, of dark woods and sunlight such a compelling combination. The man isn't even breathing heavily while carrying her, and without meaning to, Candy feels a stirring in her lower abdomen.

Is Chelsea awesome at this or what? Dark woods and sunlight, you gotta love a #HeroSmell with such visual appeal. For the real goods, go check out her paranormal fantasy series.

Chelsea O’Neal lives in her fantasy world where people can fly, vampires could be real, money is never an issue and the romantic meeting of your true love is a normal happening.  When not relaxing in Chelsea-ville, she enjoys talking with animals who talk back and taking long walks with her prince charming.

Actually Chelsea lives in the United States in Nebraska, where she was born and raised, with her black lab Daisey, who hasn’t spoken actual words to her but she is pretty sure Daisey understands her. She is yet to meet her prince charming, though she is quite sure he is out there.  Chelsea enjoys working in a library as well as a cosmetologist. She is an avid reader and writing has always been her passion. Chelsea has published 2 novels and a novella and she is working on her next book now.

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