Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Thirteen, Edition 23: Stuff I Do

Thirteen Things I Do Other Than Read, Blog, or Read Blogs....

  1. Work. I have a good job, and it's fairly consuming. Add in the commute and it's a good 10-11 hours/day.
  2. Parent. I have two kids in grade school.  They require a certain amount of upkeep -- food, clothes.. you know how it goes.
  3. Girl Scouts. I was a leader for 4 years. This year I've stepped back from leading but we still do a lot of Scout activities. (Want cookies? Call me).
  4. Quilt- it's actually been quite a while since I did anything on this, but I finally got going on a project for my niece who'll be two in May.  Hoping to have it done by then.
  5. Scrapbook - photos, papers, stickers, albums, oh my.  I swing both ways: traditional paper and digital. 
  6. Internet forums - when I want to kill 10 or 20 minutes online, this is where I go.  I'm a member of several different once and they each have different "personalities."  I've made a lot of friends this way over the years --I've been a member of one of them for going on 13 years!
  7. Facebook... need I say more?
  8. Social director - I manage a list of folks that all used to work together for happy hours every other week.  It's a fantastic bunch of people and has evolved into a fairly powerful networking group--we genuinely know, like, and look out for each other.
  9. Other networking - I keep an eye on LinkedIn and try to make it a point to jump in with something that's hopefully helpful to a contact, usually around 3-4 times per month.
  10. Begin home improvement projects.  I have trouble finishing them, though.
  11. Housekeeping.  Oh man, do I hate this.  And I do a lot less than some people (mymomcoughcough) would consider a bare minimum.  But I haven't figured out how to avoid entirely, so.
  12. Drink coffee.  I do live in Seattle, after all.  The first time I ordered a drink with more than two descriptors, I had a funny little moment, but I got over it.  Double-tall non-fat vanilla latte, if you please.
  13. Play puzzle games - if I can't read, I might be playing sudoku or spider solitaire, or this facebook game called Combine that I have found oddly addictive.

But really, after #1 and #2, reading is my first love and I'd always rather be doing that than *almost* anything else.  So even when the blog is quiet, you can assume that if I'm breathing, books are getting read.


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Joann said...

That was really neat reading that, I dont think I even do thirteen things!


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