Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Thirteen, Edition 22: 2011's Most Anticipated Paranormals

In the January tradition, here are 13 paranormal/urban fantasy/fantasy releases this year that I am eagerly awaiting.  What's on your list?

  1. Lover Unleashed, J. R. Ward
  2. Demon Marked, Meljean Brook
  3. Magic On The Hunt, Devon Monk
  4. Kiss of Snow, Nalini Singh
  5. Naamah's Blessing, Jacqueline Carey
  6. Pale Demon, Kim Harrison
  7. The Tears of the Sun, SM Stirling (unofficial)
  8. Disillusionists #3 (title tbd), Carolyn Crane (unofficial)
  9. Vampire in Atlantis, Alyssa Day
  10. Forgotten Sea, Virginia Kantra
  11. Eternal Kiss, Laura Wright
  12. River Marked, Patricia Briggs
  13. Shady Lady, Ann Aguirre

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    FD said...

    Just thirteen? I'm laughing here.

    I'd swap the Carolyn Crane for Ilona Andrews' Magic Slays, the Ward for Sarah Rees Brennan's Demon's Surrender, the Stirling for Michelle Sagara's Cast in Ruin, and Laura Wright for Sharon Lee and Steve Miller's Ghost Ship - which is a story I have been awaiting for a frakking DECADE.
    Otherwise I really want to read all of those, but there are others that I am anticipating just as keenly. Decisions, decisions. OH actually, no I have to pull the Alyssa Day too - Late Eclipses, the next October Day novel comes out in March and I will definitely be prioritising that. I do still want the Day... just it's Toby. And Tybalt, hah, I want to know what his deal is.

    Janet said...

    Don't know a one of those...looking forward to more Eric & Sookie, tho!

    Alice Audrey said...

    #1 on your list is #1 on my list, too.

    Nicola O. said...

    @FD, these are my *top* 13, certainly not the only ones. :-)

    Laura Wright is a new face on the scene, but I *really* liked her debut full length book, Eternal Hunger. Review is on my to-do list.

    And I totally love Ilona Andrew's Edge books but I was underwhelmed by the first Magic book. It was OK, but it didn't grab me and make me want to consume EVERYTHING, you know?

    @Janet, thanks for stopping by! I'm kind of addicted to all kinds of books, but the paranormal series are kind of especially dangerous because of the series aspect. If you like Sookie, you might like some of these!

    @Alice, I kinda wish I could quit JR, but I just can't. :-)

    Mia Celeste said...

    Lots of good authors and suggestions. I'm taking notes. Thanks.

    Xakara said...

    I'm waiting for Pale Demon as well! I'm also waiting for Ghost Story by Jim Butcher. It was supposed to be in April but has not moved to July. As long as it shows up, it's all good :)

    Happy TT,

    13 Comforts

    Anonymous said...

    I don't really know any of this but I agree with the poser Janet above! I am looking forward to more Sookie & Eric!!! I am in queue for the additional novel for Sookie Stackhouse novel the Dead Reckoning and I cannot wait!

    Unknown said...

    Im so dying for most of those!
    cant wait for: River Marked, This Sid of The Grave, Lover Unleashed and so many more LOL


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