Friday, October 30, 2009

One of the Guys, by Kristan Higgins - Review

Ms. Higgins, I have a BONE to pick with you.

You are supposed to be light. You are supposed to be a romp. That's what everyone says: a romp. You are supposed to be sweet and happy and bubbly and frothy.

You know what I got from this book, Ms. Higgins? Soggy kleenex is what.

You made me cry like a little bitch, Ms. Higgins. I'm talking weepy, sniffly, unattractively moist sobs and hiccups. That bittersweet secondary romance? The way you spun out the tension on our poor Heroine, tighter and tighter and tighter until the HEA was in real, true, serious jeopardy? ROMPFAIL.

Hmpph. I do not read romance because I like sobbing into tissues.

And really, it's the rare author who can accomplish that. So, okay, you're an AWESOME author who writes a FANTASTICALLY emotional romance.

Fine. Be that way.

Disclaimer: Purchased at retail.


Pam said...

This review is hilarious! Sorry about the tissues, though...

Marg said...

I own one of this author's books. I love it when an author makes me cry. I might need to go and find it and move it up the pile!

DianeN said...

First post for me, but when my favorite "I'm in the mood for a good cry" book is mentioned, I'm all over it! I never reread anything, except this book. I'm a stickler for accuracy in details, but I don't care that the author got everything about Binghamton University wrong. (I know this because I'm not only a graduate, I also live practically next door!) I am desperately in love with Trevor, flaws and all. And I might just have to reread it again!!

M. said...

I've read that one, too, my review is on my blog somewhere. Just finished 'Too Good to be True' (an apt title on several levels, and keep the tissues handy) and am starting on 'Fools Rush In'.

Liz said...

Well, I've now HAD to go to Amazon and order this book, as well as Catch of The Day by the same author. I hope you're happy.

Nicola O. said...

LOL, at least you ladies are warned! I read Fools Rush In and liked it fine, but it wasn't a tear-jerker for me. I haven't read Catch of the Day, so would somebody please WARN me if she does that again? Sheesh!


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