Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Jordin Mack: Rust City Featured Author

Welcome to your introduction to some of the fantastic RustCity authors. All this week you'll find DOUBLE HEADER profiles here on Alpha Heroes. This afternoon, please welcome

Hi Jordin, can you tell us a little about your writing?

Hi Nicola! I always had a passion for writing and planned to pursue a career as a fiction novelist; however, I kept procrastinating for one reason or another. Then one day, I decided to stop talking about and just do it, write my first novel. In April, 2016, I released my debut novel, The Kokuran. In this story, Astrid, a naïve girl, marries Philip, who loves and praises her and later abuses and tries to break her. In the aftermath of her divorce, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery that leads her down a path of uncensored sexual encounters, love and despair. Only to discover that she was already in possession of what she was searching for.

Ok, Jordin, let's talk about RustCity!

1. Fill in the blank: "I used to be really good at tennis , but these days I'm pretty rusty." I always wanted to learn how to play... maybe some day!

2. Eminem or Aretha? Explain.

My author personality is similar to the Gemini zodiac sign, so I am both Eminem and Aretha. As an author, my literary expression is very urban and relevant to the times similar to Emimem's music, but also classic and soulful like Aretha Franklin's music.   What a very personal answer. I love it!

3. Choose One:
I'm confused. And not from around here.
Faygo. No, Vernors! Both?

4. What are you looking forward to most at the RustCity conference?
Connecting with existing and new fans and networking with other authors.

5. What is an off-the-cuff association you have with Michigan, Detroit, or Troy?
My hometown is Detroit. I took a writing class a few years ago and the instructor recommended that we stay in our comfort zone with our initial manuscript. So, it felt quite natural to write a book with a storyline that was set in Detroit. I always enjoy reading a story where I recognize streets and neighborhoods. I think specifics and familiarity are a plus most of the time. 

6. Your latest work of fiction features a wealthy industrialist and an R&B singer. What's the first sentence?
My NFL player boyfriend hosted a birthday party for me and surprised me by hiring Kem to sing at my party.  Hmm, that could go a couple of ways... intriguing!

Thanks so much for joining me here today on Alpha Heroes, Jordin! I look forward to seeing you this weekend!

You are welcome, Nicola!  Please feel free to check out my website, and see you soon!

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