Monday, October 5, 2015

Reading Until Dawn Featured Author: Jeanne Stein

Welcome to the FINAL COUNTDOWN of author features before we arrive at the day we've been waiting for, when the pant-off dancing commences.  In the next few days, Alpha Heroes is pleased to host a number of author MadLibs, the FINAL EPISODES of the adventures of Candy, and who knows what else might happen.  Registration is officially closed, but our Fearless And Compassionate Leader has opened up a few spots that you may be able to nab if you hurry!

Today I'm welcoming Jeanne Stein to Alpha Heroes!  Ms. Stein is the creator of the urban fantasy world of Anna Strong, a vampire navigating shifters, witches, and global vampire politics. And under the name SJ Harper, she also co-writes the Fallen Siren series, another UF world about a cursed Siren heroine seeking redemption.

OK, Ms. Stein, as you know, Reading Until Dawn is all about the games.  We're here to find out a little more about your game! 

1. No one ever beats me at the game of __pinball__.  Feeling all the bumpers/Always playing clean!

2. Please fill in these blanks:
"When I was a kid, and they were picking teams for sportball, I was usually:
a) picked right away
b) not picked right away
c) one of the captains

Later in life, I found myself _hesitant to try new things__, and I think it was all because of how the sportball teams were picked. I can totally relate...

3. The most embarrassing/hilarious game I ever participated in was _Angel vs. Spike challenge game_____.  Everyone was laughing at __how I defended Spike and trashed Angel__ .  Someday I suppose I'll have to watch that show.  The thing is, Buffy will always be Kendall Hart to me...

4. In an alternate universe, I am George R. R. Martin, only my fabulously successful 700-page epic book is titled "Game of _Indignities__." It is about __how shit happens___.  Sounds like my pregnancies. Wait, TMI? pretend you didn't see that.

5. Once, __a friend__suggested that we __play pinball__, and I could only respond, GAME. ON.  I won--course she had been drinking heavily. Or maybe... you're a PINBALL WIZARD, THERE HAS TO BE A TRICK!

6. Would you like to play the 5-words game? I'd love to, but I am up to my ass in alligators! Ahh, well, we understand!  Thank you for playing, and if those alligators = writing deadlines, that is the price we fans pay for getting cool new fiction!

Thanks so much for playing with us at Alpha Heroes, Jeanne, and we can't wait to see you at Reading Until Dawn!  Maybe we'll have to go find an arcade for a throw-down. {wink}

Find more work from Jeanne and SJ Harper at Amazon or the bookseller of your choice.


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