Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday Thirteen, Edition 35

Last Sunday, I speculated that I might, just possibly, be in a rut with some favorite authors. I asked for some recommendations, and you all came through, on Twitter and a few other sources.

In no particular order, here are

Thirteen Nineteen New (to me) Authors to Try:

1-2. P. N. Elrod & Edie Harris, rec'd by Karina Cooper
3. C.D. Reiss, rec'd by Christy
4. Pucked, by Helena Hunter, rec'd by Tiernan
5. Obsession, by Alice C. Hart, rec'd by Natalie
6-7-8. Lia Riley, Shelley Ann Clark, Shari Slade, all rec'd by Cherri Porter.
9. C. S. Pacat, rec'd by Angie. So much buzz about this series!
10. Mary Renault, rec'd by Tiffany Reisz 
11. Kate Canterbary, rec'd by Shelley
12. Zara Keane, rec'd by Penny Watson
13. Karina Bliss, rec'd by ODitor

But then, the recommendations kept coming! Even more:

14. Claudia Connor, rec'd by Crystal Blogs Books
15. Eva Leigh, rec'd by I Heart Romance
16-17-18. Samanthe Beck, KC Klein, Sara Jane Stone -- rec'd by Defying Tradition
19. Jamie Shaw, rec'd by Save Your Money for Books

There are too many authors and recommenders to tag here, so let me just say thank you so much, and I will read at least a sample from all of the authors in the next few weeks, and post some feedback either in reviews or in the Soup.

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