Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Thursday Thirteen, Edition 33: Twitter

I engage in social media in a very specific way.  There are lots of different ways to enjoy it, lots of different reasons for being in that space, and as a veteran of more than a few internet kerfuffles that raised my blood pressure in ways I did not like, I have learned a few things about what works for me, and what does not.  So this is about me and how I engage.  If I've unfollowed you for one of the reasons below, don't read this as a plea for you to stop doing something -- you should engage in the way that makes YOU happy.  But if maybe you're wondering why followers like me (whatever that means) aren't sticking around, maybe it's food for thought.

Thirteen Things About Me and Twitter:

Some things about me:
1. I'm on the internet for recreation, enjoyment, and entertainment.
2. I do not enjoy heated conflict (many people do, and that's FINE. I'm not one.)
3. I am not on the internet to pursue social justice, and I am not interested in evangelization on any topic.
4. What I think of your Twitter feed IS NO REFLECTION on what I think of you as a person or, if you are an author, of your work.  Seriously. 

Some things that might make me unfollow you:
5. You post a LOT about your cat.  (Dude. I'm allergic. And they're not THAT cute.)
6. You post a lot of religiously-oriented inspirational things.  Not my jam.
7. You are OUTRAGED about people being WRONG on the internet ALL THE TIME.
8. You discuss complex, in-depth topics by chunking up 3000-word op-ed pieces into a bajillion consecutive tweets.
9. You live-tweet* TV shows or sports things.
10. You live-tweet* a book I might read, with spoilers.
11. You post multiple one-line promotional tweets consecutively (and you do it a lot).
12. You retweet multiple promo tweets from your friends consecutively.
13. U use txt abbrvs 2 mch

*Maybe someday I'll pony up for a paid app with a mute button.  Until then...


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