Sunday, March 11, 2012

Feeding the Addiction: It Begins...

Talk about anticipation!  I had to go out of town on business last week and of course my first Avon Addict box arrived shortly after I left.  Finally, I got home this weekend and was able to break it open.

Look at it, just sitting there.  Doesn't it look innocent? It could be anything. It could be brussel sprouts.  Or some kind of guitar stuff for my husband, he orders those kind of things a lot.  Or, um... OK, I wasn't fooled.  I knew it was for me, all me. It's readerly goodness, and the first glance reveals.... 

YAY! Books, of course.  Whoah. Five copies of Sophie Nash's Between the Duke and the Deep Blue Sea? Looks like giveaway time!

Awww.  Lookit this cute stuff! That's a fireman's hat to promote new author Jennifer Bernard's hot new fireman series (review coming up!), a rubber duckie (which my daughter is calling dibs on) printed thusly:

The Art of Duke Hunting, a ducky new romance by Sophia Nash

Too fun! There's also a die with a slightly mysterious URL on it: ... which leads me to Sarah MacLean's blog. Perhaps there's a gaming hell or two involved in these books?  She also sent along a pretty bookmark emblazoned: "Fetch the Smelling Salts," which cracked me up! The last of the book swag is package of bazooka bubble gum, referencing Rachel Gibson's newest. Apparently, the main character is thrown immediately into literary conflict of the direst kind: a bubblegum pink bridesmaid gown (shudders). I didn't sign up for horror novels!

Just for me, there is a cute Avon Addict button that I'll keep on my coat or something, a neat string bag, AND a very lovely cozy fleece blanket, the better for curling up to read.  I love that!

I understand there are hashtags involved in this whole Avon Addicts dealio.  Which might mean I need to start tweeting.  Or at least following some folks who do.  We shall see.

Relevant Links:

The Art of Duke Hunting, by Sophia Nash
Between the Duke and the Deep Blue Sea, by Sophia Nash
The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel series, by Jennifer Bernard
The Cowboy Takes a Bride, by Lori Wilde
How Miss Rutherford Got Her Groove Back, by Sophie Barnes (I do love that title!)
Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman by JB Lynn (well that sounds interesting...)
Rescue Me, by Rachel Gibson (hmm, I kind of hate that site.  Oh well.)


Marg said...

Wow! Awesome haul!

I am just a tiny bit jealous!

Shannon said...

Wow. That is an impressive haul. I am all kinds of jealous!

nath said...

Very cool box Nicole! I think it's a great way Avon came up to reward their long-time, die-hard fan :) You're lucky to be one of them!!

And very cool swag!!

Between everything has a price :P If that means you have to tweet... LOL, not a bad price :P


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