Saturday, February 12, 2011

Free Books!

Sometime targeted marketing is really nice!  Look what popped up in my Facebook sidebar today-->

I don't really read category or ebooks, so it's not the deal for me, but the site concept is pretty interesting--the home page at Copia proclaims boldly:

If a book is worth reading,
it’s worth discussing.
Copia is the place to do both.


All your books.
All your friends.
All in one.

and then goes on to talk about something called "social reading." 

Interesting, because that's kind of what we do here in book-blog-land, isn't it?

Then of course, there's GoodReads, and the Amazon communities... This seems to be taking it a step further.  Interesting concept!

I can't seem to use the link from Facebook directly, but the main site is at The Copia.

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