Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Really Hate It When

...bloggers post non-posts about how much they suck and how they are so sorry and life got in the way and blah blah blah.

Is there anything more boring?

I'm sorry. I suck. Life is getting in the way, a little bit.

I will get the carnival up in the next couple of days and hopefully I can get my mind on a couple of the Arthurian posts that I wanted to do shortly thereafter.


Kaetrin said...

Ha Ha! I really hate it when bloggers don't post anything!!

::hangs head guiltily::


Victoria Janssen said...

So long as you suck with PANACHE, it's okay.

Embrace the Suck!!!

Nicola O. said...

If that was panache, Victoria, I must be a lot more stylish that I thought...

Kaetrin, thanks for hanging in there with me.. oof.

Amy said...

I was starting to think you'd read my post from Saturday, because, yes I do suck. I didn't have much to discuss... heh.

Phyl said...

You do not suck. So there. :-)

Hilcia said...

LOL! Sometimes suckage makes for great posts... :D
See you soon!


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