Thursday, February 11, 2010


The email account I use for this blog was hacked this morning. If I've ever sent you an email before, you probably got spam from me. I've reported it and changed my password; hopefully that will fix it.

APOLOGIES, and DON'T CLICK. It appears to only be an ad and not a virus, but I'm not clicking to find out.


Chris said...

Yeah, that email was very suspicious looking. It is gone, gone, gone, no clicking. :)

Sayuri said...

That sucks Nic. Luckliy I haven't recieved anything.

Nicola O. said...

Some spam filters are better than others! This might be the thing that makes me convert over to gmail. I've had this hotmail account for (*counts on fingers*) 13 years? Ish?

Chris said...

Well, I do confess to looking at the return address, seeing it was hotmail, deciding "hacked", and deleting. :)


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