Thursday, June 26, 2008

Your Scandalous Ways, by Loretta Chase

This isn’t exactly a review. Pretty much all the things I’ve raved about with respect to Loretta Chase hold true with this book too, so I’m just going to amuse myself and hopefully some of you with a handful of short snips that are too good to only see once:

*p. 41

”I am content to go where you go, beautiful ones. I am the courtesan like you. You will allure the men and I will allure the women.”

“A courtesan is a woman,” said Giulietta.

“What is the word then?” he asked. “My English speaking, better than my Italian speaking, but still of no perfection.”

Giulietta looked at her friend.

“The man prostitute,” he prompted, “who costs very much. What is his name in English?”

“Husband,” said Bonnard.

*p 254:

James watched her go. “That went well, I thought.”

“Yes sir,” said Sedgewick.

“Signore, it is nothing,” said Zeggio. “Women, they always say they will cut off the balls. It is like when the man say, ‘Tomorrow, I will respect you still.’ It means nothing.”

*p 342

Magny looked at the door through which she’d dramatically exited. “Are you not going to chase her, fall to your knees, vow undying devotion and the rest of that revolting nonsense?”


“Well then, would you like a drink?”

“Yes. Yes, thank you, I would.”

Are you in love yet?


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