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OK, I've been meaning to do this Best-Of thing for awhile.  Having been doing this whole blogging thing for a little while, I've had a few posts here that have been better than others.  In my completely biased opinion, here are a few that I have liked the best.  Oh and by the way, if you feel like you want to comment on any of the older posts, that's totally fine, but I moderate comments on the older stuff so it may take a day or so to show up.

Bringing the Funny
If it's one thing that makes me kind of insecure, it's trying to write humor.  I can't do it on-demand, it requires inspiration, so it's not really a consistent style, but I love making people laugh, and I'm not too bad with the smart-ass remark.  I was never a class clown (teacher's pet) but I understand the appeal.  So here are a few of the posts that I cracked myself up writing.

A Reader's Love Story
The Vampire Credibility Index
In the Style of the Author
Nerding Out
Fake Literary Critique (you might need to cntrl-plus your window a little, I've hat a lot of trouble getting this table to display legibly, but I humbly think it's worth it.)
Change of Heart
Excuses about Not Blogging, and the love child of David Hasselhoff

The Occasional Rant
Because you can't really be a blogger without ranting sometimes. For some, it's the default style.  It's kind of rare for me, but there have been a few good ones.

Early Umbrage at Indies
Fly to the Etymology
How Not To Write a Nerd Hero
It's Not "Thor"

Just My Favorites.
Stuff I particularly liked.

Antholopalooza - for All The Posts, click on the tag.  This is the intro to a month-long feature.  It was fun!  I've been thinking about doing it again.

Interviews on academic deconstruction of JR Ward's universe, in particular the undefinable relationship between Vishous and Butch.  I really think this 2-parter is one of the best things I've ever posted.  Part OnePart Two.

$@#%&**! What your characters' swear words say about their world.

Biracial Characters in Regency Romance - I don't do interviews very often, but I had some particular questions for Mary Jo Putney, and she was so gracious in her responses.  Definitely a favorite post.

Thoughts on the RT2012 Conference - self explanatory?

Alpha Heroes Goes Viral!
Well, I did once.  I believe the anchor text speaks for itself.  I got a link at IO9.  Lots of traffic.  Fairly high on the embarrassment scale.  Oh well.  I'm owning it, baby.

The Penis Post

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